Making the Most of New Urbanism in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Oct 24, 2013 9:56:11 AM

When choosing where to live, many people feel like they have just two major options. The first is to live somewhere free from major crowds, which can be scenic but leaves you far removed from community spirit and amenities. The second option is to live in a big city, which might encourage anonymity but does offer cultural attractions. If you aren't happy with either of these types of living, then new urbanism in Nicaragua might be perfect for you. Find out what new urbanism entails, how it is making waves in Nicaragua and how it can be beneficial to those who live in new urbanism communities.

What is New Urbanism?

Despite the name, new urbanism isn't an entirely new concept. Over the past century, there have been many developers and community leaders who decided to embrace a way of living that united people and made it easy to get around without a car. Some of the key ideas of new urbanism include living close to your neighbors, having a genuine community and encouraging walking rather than cars as the most common means of transport.

Nicaragua's New Urbanism Movement

There are several big factors that have contributed to the rise of new urbanism in places such as Nicaragua. Perhaps most important is the affordable price of real estate in Nicaragua. While many families can only dream of purchasing a spacious home in a friendly neighborhood elsewhere, it is a real possibility in Nicaragua. Plus, this beautiful country also has the ideal climate, which means that getting around on foot isn't limited by harsh seasons or extreme temperatures.

The Benefits of New Urbanism

New urbanism is more than just a theoretical idea for a housing development. It can drastically change and affect the way that people live for the better. For example, people with strong friendships and connections to their neighbors feel safer, and crime rates go down. Children grow up healthier thanks to including exercise in their daily routine. Adults can feel less stressed without the need for lengthy commutes in heavy traffic each day. Clearly, there are countless benefits to embracing the spirit of new urbanism.

Nicaragua is one of the top destinations to explore new urbanism, especially for those who may not be able to afford options in other destinations.

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