My Solo Trip to Nicaragua

Posted by Jamie Cain on Jan 10, 2018 4:16:36 PM


My name is Jamie Cain, one of the new-ish Property Liaisons for Gran Pacifica in Nicaragua. I first started working for Gran Pacifica last spring, and flew there on a Sunday in June for training. Gran Pacifica had one of their drivers named Pedro pick me up from the Managua Airport. He spoke great English and was very friendly. He even helped me with some of my Spanish during our hour trek to the property.

My first ever trip to Nicaragua had been 6 weeks prior in April, during the last month of the dry season, and WOW, what a difference those 6 weeks had made! In that short period of time, Nicaragua had gone from always sunny, to a lush land of fairy-tale like greenery. During our drive, I could see that everything had sprung back to life. There was a beautiful array of tropical trees and flowers in full bloom, a never-ending carpet of lush green grass, and wonderfully cool weather.

Since I was going to be staying for 8 days I asked Pedro if he would take me to a grocery store on our way to Gran Pacifica, so he drove me to one of the big grocery stores in Managua. It was my first experience shopping at a grocery store there and Pedro tagged along with me just in case his assistance was needed. This grocery store had everything that someone would find in the U.S., and I easily found everything I needed. I also found many items that I didn’t know I needed. Isn’t that always the case? You go to a grocery store for one or two things and end up buying a cart full? At the cash register I pulled out a $100 U.S. dollar bill estimating the total of the items would cost about $100 back in the States. It was pleasantly shocking to learn that my grocery bill was only $33 U.S. dollars. Wow again! Once Pedro helped me load my groceries into the car, we set out for the remaining 45-minute drive to Gran Pacifica.


Once we got to the community and checked in with the security guards at the main gate, Pedro drove me to one of the casitas (little houses) where I would be staying. I walked into my casita and fell in love! It had everything someone would ask for, like a fully equipped kitchen, large flat screen TV, WIFI, and much more. I was all set to spend a relaxing but busy week at Gran Pacifica.

My first night there, I noticed how quiet everything was and decided to do some reading in bed before falling asleep. Since it gets dark around 6:30pm, it is easy to go to bed early. Around 10:00pm I woke up thinking I heard a noise outside. When I looked out the window, I saw one of our security patrolmen walking the neighborhood with his walkie-talkie. So I fell back asleep, only to be awakened by the sun coming up the next morning around 5:30am. I thought to myself, what a great start to the week…Monday morning and up with the roosters! Well, since there aren’t any roosters at Gran Pacifica, I figured I was up with all of the neighboring roosters down the main road to Managua.

When I got to the beach I was once again amazed, as I was on my first trip, how the beaches are almost surreal looking. With the incredible rock formations, driftwood, and countless seashells, it’s like no human has ever set foot there. The only sign of a human or creature was a fisherman in the distance and hoof prints in the sand from one of our horses at Gran Pacifica. I made a mental note to myself that later that evening, a horseback ride on the beach, while the sun was setting, would be a perfect ending to this beautiful Monday in Nicaragua.



Jamie Cain

Written by Jamie Cain

Jamie Cain started her real estate career in 2002 in Dallas, TX as an on-site condominium sales agent in the posh community of Turtle Creek Blvd. Her managers quickly recognized her talent and professionalism from the beginning. She received many awards during her career there, including being awarded “Associate of the Month” twice, being recognized and honored as “The Top Sales Person of the Year”, and awarded the prestigious “Two Million Dollar Club”. She then accepted a sales manager position to another popular community in the thriving area of Uptown Dallas, which sold out quickly as well. In 2012, Jamie started her own apartment locating business called “Jamie’s Places”. It was a boutique- style agency that she solely operated on repeat and referral business. In 2017 she joined the ECI Development Team as a Property Liaison for the Gran Pacifica community in Nicaragua. She lives on the East Coast with her husband and 2 white cats, but travels to Central America frequently. “I have a strong desire in helping everyone find their next perfect home whether it be for investment, retirement, vacation, or something in between. And it is my goal to provide the best service possible with integrity and commitment.” Jamie also has a Home Marketing Certificate in home staging and organizing, and her interests and hobbies include photography, yoga, cooking, and blogging.

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