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Posted by Joseph Duchene on Sep 11, 2015 11:55:45 AM

Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2016, an exciting and much-watched event, kicked off its filming at Gran Pacifica with Miss Mundo Nicaragua: Boot Camp. Over the course of three days of filming, the Miss Mundo contestants participated in “Survivor-like” elimination activities, gave interviews, and of course had some beautiful photo shoots on the beach at Gran Pacifica. Filming the show was a great time for all involved, and Gran Pacifica is excited for the show’s first broadcast, this Sunday, September 13th, at 7:00pm CST (9:00pm EDT) on Nicaragua’s Channel 2. Live broadcast also available here. (Click “En Vivo” in the top right when you get to the site)

The show is the combined effort of several organizations, and Gran Pacifica is honored to have been chosen to host such a major television event. Contestants and crew were given accommodations in Gran Pacifica’s oceanfront condo hotel, as well as complimentary meals from the beachfront restaurant. Everyone looked right at home, and the crew could be seen on their breaks lounging under the palm trees on the beach’s edge. Most of the time, though, the contestants and crew were working hard, capturing beautiful shots of the ocean during the day, and the luxurious interiors of Gran Pacifica’s homes well into the night.

Each of the contestants was interviewed in an ongoing process throughout the day, andwere united in their positive attitude and vision for Nicaragua’s future. When the program airs this Sunday evening, viewers will be introduced to the beautiful women of Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2016, and get to hear their inspiring stories.

The contestants are proud of their country, and what better way to show off Nicaragua to the world than to capture the natural beauty of its beaches. The volcanic sand, the product of Nicaragua’s many active volcanoes, is almost as tied to the country’s identity as the contestants themselves, each representing a different area in Nicaragua. From the cool mountain city of Matagalpa, to the tropical Caribbean city of Bluefields, to the cities and towns on Nicaragua’s Pacific plain, each distinct area of Nicaragua is represented in the competition. This is not a television event that you want to miss.

For those of you in Nicaragua, be sure to tune to Channel 2 at on Sunday September 13th at 7:00pm to see the beautiful contestants of Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2016 compete in the gorgeous setting of Gran Pacifica. For anyone without access to Nicaraguan TV, click here for a live broadcast (Click “En Vivo” in the top right when you get to the site). Be sure to leave us your feedback about the show, and check back on Monday for our analysis of this week’s premiere.

Joseph Duchene

Written by Joseph Duchene

As a fluent Spanish speaker and eternal student, Joe Duchene has always been fascinated by Latin America. After spending extensive time in Mexico, he is currently living and working in Nicaragua as Content Editor for ECI Development.

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