What Makes People Happy? Let’s Ask Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Jan 16, 2015 3:00:58 AM

Happy Boy on BeachIn just the last few days, several studies have pointed toward Nicaragua as one of the happiest countries on the planet. As different methods were used to arrive at these conclusions, there can be no simple answer as to why. So just what is it that makes the people of this beautiful country so happy?

Maybe that has a lot to do with it. Nicaragua is beautiful. Not only does the country possess remarkable natural features, but also truly cares about the preservation of that nature.

In this study, one can see that the people of Nicaragua have an environmental impact of less than 20% of that of the USA, and that they also have a very similar lifespan and self-stated happiness.That self-stated happiness is also reflected in the chart below.

Here you’ll see a trend emerge. Not only are Nicaraguans the third most likely to say they are having a good day, but are also in line with many countries in the region in terms of daily happiness.

Besides natural beauty, one thing that stands out to me about Nicaragua is the sense of community.

Happiest Countries StudyFrom the low crime rate, to strangers offering to help carry grocery bags, Nicaragua proves itself to be a country that values its fellow man.

These are also major reasons that tourism and retirement to Nicaragua are growing rapidly. The slower pace of life encouraged by the climate and the feeling of true community hearken back to the United States mid-20th century.

Many in the US are seeking to relive or revive that feeling, but just aren’t finding it in the sprawl of new developments, or just can’t afford it in the established communities.

Those looking to live or vacation in one of the happiest, friendliest countries in the world should seriously consider owning real estate in Nicaragua. Take advantage of the opportunities for investment in this beautiful country today!

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Written by Mike Cobb

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