Top 5 Decisions to Consider Before Moving to Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 20, 2015 11:43:25 AM

Older Friends on BeachAfter a few days of soaking up the sun in Nicaragua, many visitors are convinced that beautiful, warm and tropical destination would be the ultimate place to call home. While that might certainly be true, it is important not to make such an exciting and drastic move until you have thought it through carefully.

These five questions contain the most important things to consider before you pack up your suitcases and hit the beaches of Nicaragua for good.

1. Where in Nicaragua Will You Live?

This is one of the biggest questions to ask, and it certainly is an important one! If you've never been to Nicaragua, you might imagine it as a stretch of gorgeous beaches and small towns.

While the country does have plenty of both, it also has freshwater lakes, coffee farms, lush greenery and the thriving and bustling capital city of Managua. Give some thought to where you would prefer to live and what kind of house, condo or apartment you think would be best for your lifestyle.

2. What Kind of Living Budget Will You Have?

Without a doubt, it is possible to live a comfortable life in Nicaragua without spending a fortune. However, what you can or want to spend will dictate where and how you live in Central America.

Thankfully, most expat residents enjoy a luxurious and fulfilling life while spending less than they would back home, but you'll still need to fine tune a monthly budget for your expenses and determine if an international move fits into the equation.

3. Will You Travel Back Home Often Throughout the Year?

Before you make the move to Nicaragua, give some thought to how much of the year you actually plan to spend there. Some full-time residents never feel the need to leave at all, or they may head to a nearby Central American country for a vacation.

Many expats, on the other hand, enjoy traveling to their home countries once or twice a year to see friends and family. Before moving, determine whether you really want to live full-time in Nicaragua or whether you are more interested in a vacation property that you can enjoy for weeks at a time.

4. Will You Become a Permanent Resident of Nicaragua?

A quick vacation to Nicaragua requires a passport but no visa. If you want to stay longer and even make Nicaragua your home, you'll need to apply for residency.

This process requires you to submit copies of your passport, birth certificate, a recent medical record and proof of financial security or an income of at least $600 each month.

5. How Will You Get Medical Care?

A final thing to consider before packing up for Nicaragua is medical care. Thankfully, most destinations in Nicaragua offer everything you could require, from English-speaking physicians to modern hospital facilities.

However, it is still worth taking some time to locate nearby healthcare options and determine whether local insurance is a viable option for you.

Moving to Nicaragua as a young professional, a family or a retiree can be a wonderful experience. Make the most of this adventure by preparing in advance and considering the five key elements listed above.

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