Nicaraguan Traffic Laws

Posted by Mike Cobb on Apr 19, 2012 6:00:00 PM

In the US, in most states I believe, it is common practice, and in some states the law to move cars involved in an accident to the side of the road. Time is a precious commodity and traffic jams due to fender benders can cause thousands of lost man hours of productivity.

Nicaraguan Traffic laws is in many cases is opposite to US law. Just this morning I was held up in a traffic jam caused by this accident. As we passed I snapped this picture. All parties were OK and the rider of the motorcycle is in the picture on the other side of the car talking to the two ladies. Moving them out of the way would make the most sense to a North American since no one was hurt.

Expats in Nicaragua Need to Know the Law

In Nicaragua however, it is illegal to move the vehicles involved in an accident until a police man and the insurance companies show up to take statements, photos, measurements, etc... You actually will go to jail if you move your car to clear the way for others. It's not polite. It's illegal. This is a very important fact to know if you are considering owning "real estate in Nicaragua."  Knowing the laws that are Counter intuitive are a must.


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