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Tomorrow's Radio show on the Overseas Radio Network will feature some extraordinary expats, including the sage of all sages, Kathleen Peddicord who publishes the Live and Invest Overseas Newsletters. She herself an expat for more than a decade, has an almost bottomless barrel of ideas and concepts to share with her readers. On top of that she’s a phenomenal writer making her critically important information both easy and fun to read. Kathy will join us from her Live, Invest, and Retire Overseas Conference in Scottsdale, AZ a couple weeks ago.


In addition we’ll be talking with her daughter Kaitlin and son Jack in the second hour of the show to hear about their lives as Expat Kids. Kaitlin grew up in both Ireland and France, then went to the US for college. She now resides in Panama full time. Kaitlin also has an interesting web based business that she will be telling us about. Jack is 12 years old and remembers living in France and now lives in Panama where he attends the French School. He’ll share some of thoughts about growing up as an American Expat Kid overseas.


Expat Entrepreneurs in Argentina and Brazil and a Lawyer in Columbia

Also in the second hour of the show we’ll talk with two expat entrepreneurs working in the region. Andy Goodman is a Brit lives in Brazil. He is a partner in a coconut plantation in the Northeast region near Forteleza. He shares his experience living in Brazil and also what it was like to grow up as a kid overseas. Steve Roseberg develops vineyard communities in the Mendoza province of Argentina and we’ll talk with him about his projects there and get a flavor of what it can be like to live in the arid foothills of the Andes. We’ll also speak with a lawyer in Medellin, Columbia, Juan Dario Guttierez, who’s firm helps and represents expats who are considering a move to Columbia.

If you are considering property in Nicaragua or anywhere overseas, we certainly invite you to tune in and enjoy the commentary from a variety of expats and their experiences. A great many of the challenges and opportunities will be similar throughout the region and hearing how many different people address these challenges can be helpful no matter where you may end up. Enjoy the show and as always, keep in touch

To tune in for Mike’s Gringo Life, Tuesday’s 6-8pm on the Overseas radio Network.


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