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radio interview ron and sue foreman

Today's program features a couple of expats in the making, Ron and Sue Foreman, who are considering a move to Central America and plan to spend a few months at Gran Pacifica next winter. In this interview we talk with them about their ideas and expectations of the future move and the kinds of things that are important to them.


New Urbanism in Central America


gran pacifica urban housing

Later in the first hour, we'll talk with fellow developer and friendly competitor in Belize, Phil Hahn, who uses a style of urban planning that ECI Development also uses called New Urbanism. This type of planning emphasis the walkable, pedestrian friendly community with shaded sidewalks and front porches reminiscent of the best communities from the 1920'’s.

Even Walt Disney got in on the action when it built its town in Florida called Celebration. Real communities are made and rarely happen by accident. Phil and I share a love of community creation and we'll share some ideas and thoughts about why real community is key to a high quality of life.


The Belize Advantage– Banking Offshore and More

In the second hour, we'’ll be running a feature called the Belize advantage. Joel Nagel, the Global Legal Advisor will interview Peter Zipper from Caye Bank, Wayne Kurtz from Karlsburg insurance, Trevor Bradley from Georgetown Trust, and Kelly German from ECI and Belizeisfun.com. The synergy of these service providers all located on Ambergris Caye, Belize is phenomenal for anyone thinking about owning property in Belize, or owning property or a condo on Ambergris Caye, specifically.


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