Medical Tourism in Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Mar 20, 2012 10:01:09 AM

Well a proud husband and father does have to brag once in a while. While I was in Colorado Springs at a conference talking about why people should consider homes in Nicaragua, my family was sitting for a TV commercial to be aired in the US for a medical tourism company here in Nicaragua. A couple pictures are included. While I have a face for Radio as numerous people have told me, these ladies are made for TV.


Medical Care in Nicaragua

The availability of medical care is a huge area of concern for folks thinking about moving to Nicaragua or anywhere in Central America for that matter. Quite surprisingly, there is excellent medical care here. Amanda had both feet operated on over Christmas in a hospital here. They did a great job and the care was fantastic.


Tour the Hospitals in Nicaragua

The other thing that is gaining popularity in Nicaragua is medical tourism. I know several folks who have come to Nicaragua specifically for dental work, but the options for surgery are excellent as well. If greater rationing becomes a reality in the US, more and more folks will be choosing to have procedures overseas, especially those elective procedures that insurance doesn't cover or only covers partially. At the upcoming Central American Advantage Symposium in Managua Nicaragua May 15-19, you will be able to meet folks involved in Medical tourism and tour the hospital facilities if you'd like to have a peek at what those of us living here already know. Great care is here. Â And it's affordable.



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