Living In Nicaragua Can Take The Stress Out Of Life

Posted by Gran Pacifica on May 6, 2014 4:03:34 PM

Nicaragua Stress ReliefReduced income during retirement and medical expenses are two of the top concerns of people who've reached retirement age.

When you think about your retirement, do you envision gated communities and relaxing days, or do you worry about making ends meet?

If you're planning to retire, read on to learn more about how you can enjoy the ultimate in peace and relaxation.

You Are Not Alone

Many working adults dream about the next chapter of their lives and envision starting a whole new life in an exotic locale. In fact, the search for affordable and exotic retirement alternatives has sparked a trend. According to Fortune Magazine, well over 600,000 American have become expatriates. Although an exact number is hard to come by, many of those expats—as well as others from locations such as Canada and Europe—are living in Nicaragua.

You Can Retire and Live Like Royalty

Maybe you're convinced that you need a change in scenery, but you're hesitant because you think you can't afford it. The good news is that one of the main reasons so many people are retiring and moving to Nicaragua is that it provides beachfront living, a welcoming climate and an affordable retirement. According to some estimates, monthly expenses are as much as 60 percent lower than they are in many North American retirement locations.

In Nicaragua, you can live the high life at a low cost. The low cost of living is reflected in everything from medical care to dining. If you want to enjoy your retirement years without worrying about "the money crunch," you may want to consider retirement in Nicaragua.

Why You'll Love Nicaragua Retirement

Nicaragua is a special place; the natural beauty of the charming colonial cities of Granada and Mangua holds many attractions from neoclassical architecture to fine dining and lively nightlife. You'll see everything from active volcanoes to pristine beaches with unspoiled views of the Pacific Ocean.

There's plenty to do in this Central American country. Just because one of the main attractions of relocating to Nicaragua is beachfront living doesn't mean all there is to do is lay around in front of the ocean. The more adventurous residents and visitors can snowboard down the Cerro Negro volcanoes, explore rural locations or surf the reliable Pacific waves. If you're not in the mood for excitement, you can kick back and shop for crafts in Masaya or stroll down the old colonial streets of Leòn.

Nicaragua features a growing expat community in many coastal cities such as Granada and Managua. There are certain areas in where you'll be surprised to find tight-knit communities of people who've relocated from other countries. They're typically very welcoming and will even help you get acclimated with things like learning Spanish with a local tutor.

Whether your ideal retirement is made up of lazy days on the beach or culture excursions with a group of new friends, Nicaragua is a great place to call home.

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