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Posted by Mike Cobb on Apr 13, 2012 4:14:29 PM

Life in some ways isn't so different in Nicaragua. For instance, Amanda and Emily’s school, the German School, has an annual event called the “Mercado de pulgas.” “Pulgas” are fleas and “Mercado” is market. A flea market, translated literally. The girls have a blast and get to sell off their unwanted items.  On top of that, they get to practice their sales and negotiating skills.


Schools in Nicaragua

One of the reasons we picked the Colegio Aleman Nicaraguense (the German School) is that the primary instruction language is Spanish. For most kids, Spanish is their primary language. 80% of the schools enrollment is Nicaraguan. The bi-lingual language for them is German. For our girls, it’s their 3rd language and is a nice extra. But the real bonus is being able to go to school with Nicaraguans and becoming bi-cultural.  This is the real gem.

For people with kids who are considering living in Nicaragua there is also an American School where English is the primary instruction language, a French School with French and Spanish, a Science and Technology School, numerous Catholic bi-lingual English/Spanish schools, and a non-denominational English speaking Christian School. The options are numerous and the education is excellent.


Where to Live in Nicaragua

If you have kids and are considering property in Nicaragua, you might also want to consider a home in Managua. Granada has a new school and as I get more information about it, I’ll blog about it as well. If you plan to live at the beach, you may have to home school or “Group school” as some folks here are doing. I’ll try and get some details on that too and fill folks in.


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