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Posted by Mike Cobb on Mar 30, 2012 1:26:53 PM


Life in Nicaragua is a blast. This past weekend was "Día del Socio" (Day of the member) at Club Terraza, the city club at wich we are members. Talk about a great party. It was literally the who's who of Nicaraguan society. Everyone brought their kids and they had all kinds of fun toys and activities. Check out the pictures.


Emily enjoyed the velcro wall, both girls enjoyed the water balls, and everyone enjoyed the free food. The club had everything from ceviche, raw fish and seafood "cooked" in lime juice, to pupusas, a Salvadorian specialty where cheese and beans are inserted into a corn flour pita bread and grilled until the cheese runs out the side and gets grilled too.

The club was also serving one of my favorite dishes, and in fact my absolute favorite Nicaraguan food, a nacatamal. A nacatamale is flour, rice, corn meal, a piece of pork, a slice of tomato, an olive, a prune and a hot pepper all wrapped up inside a banana leaf and boiled for a long time. The flavors meld together into an incredibly rich and delicious taste explosion in the mouth. Ahhh. I want another one right now as a matter of fact.

If you are planning on living in or want to own property in Nicaragua, you may also want to look at joining the city club. Membership is by invitation only, but with the right introductions it's possible and something you may want to consider.


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