Granada Nicaragua: A Colonial Masterpiece

Posted by Mike Cobb on Apr 3, 2012 10:36:49 AM

Today's radio show features Granada, a wonderful 480 year old city on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Founded in 1525 and subsequently raided by Pirates, burned to the ground by William Walker, and rebuilt with a beauty that can only be described in pictures (see below) Granada has become an expat center for many US and Canadians living in Nicaragua.

Expat Living without a Car

Granada has a great city center with markets, restaurants and culture within a few block radius. Two new large US style grocery stores have opened about 1/2 mile from the plaza and taxi's are about $1.00 if you have too many groceries to carry home. Most other places like Managua and the beaches, you'll need a car or transportation to enjoy a nice living experience, but in Granada, your feet will be all you need.

The Expat Life in Nicaragua

Our first guest on the show, Nancy Bergman, has established a hotel with her sister called the Casa San Fransisco about a block off the main square and our second guests, Darrell and Amy Bushnell have become the center of information for the town and Amy has opened a gallery for her own works as well as those of other local artists. If you are interested in owning property in Nicaragua Nancy has a real estate office called Casa Granada and Darrell works there as well. Whether you're looking for an old colonial to restore or a beachfront property in Nicaragua, Darrell and Nancy can help you out.  Be sure to look them up when you are in Granada.

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