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Posted by Mike Cobb on Feb 15, 2015 7:00:44 PM

GraduatesAs is the case with education in much of the developing world, higher education in Nicaragua has never had the same strength of curriculum that you would find in, for instance, the United States.

Postgraduate education in particular is something that has long been lacking in Nicaragua’s university system. That is about to change.

Help from the Swiss Government

With guidance and investment from the Swiss government, Nicaragua has begun rolling out some of its first postgraduate programs this year. This demonstrates two things. One, is that education in Nicaragua is moving forward as part of national policy as the Central American nation seeks to become a competitor in the region.

Second, that foreign governments are increasingly recognizing the value and potential of an investment in Nicaragua.

More Emphasis on the Rich Cultural History of Ancient Nicaragua

As Nicaragua grows internationally in terms of tourism and historical importance, education in Nicaragua will be required to produce the future leaders in many industries. One such industry is the discovery and preservation of the region’s ancient history.

While many are aware of the massive pyramids and ruins of the Aztecs and Maya to the north, fewer know about the rich cultural history of ancient Nicaragua. This is partially due to a lack of national leadership in the categorizing of the various ruins, artifacts and petroglyphs in Nicaragua. That is changing.

With increased funding and educational opportunities, national institutions will be able to better preserve sites and educate people on their importance as national heritage. Stay tuned for a future blog on this subject, as a visit to a current dig site is in the works.

More Post Graduate Programs Available

The impacts of postgraduate education are already becoming evident, and I believe they demonstrate well the broad effect that a single program can have on education in Nicaragua, both formal and informal. But what about children’s options for education in Nicaragua? Turns out, they’re pretty darn good.

There are a variety of international options for education in Nicaragua, and these private schools provide a world-class, accredited education for children in the country. Many offer their classes in English primarily, but some also offer the opportunity for their students to become bilingual. If you are looking to move to Nicaragua from abroad and education is a concern, be assured that not only is their great education in Nicaragua, but choice as well.

Education is on its way up in Nicaragua, and there are already many strong options for primary and secondary education. We are very excited to see the effects of future developments within education in Nicaragua, and are confident that such steps forward spell a bright future for this culturally rich nation.

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