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It’s the end of the semester and time for the summer ballet performance. Both Amanda and Emily are taking class several times per week from Annabelle Zamora who is Nicaragua’s Prima Ballerina. Annabelle is now mostly retired from professional dancing but once a while makes it back up on stage. Her real passion is teaching the next generation so she started a school called Attitude. She’s a phenomenal instructor and is working the girls hard on classic form.

Classical Ballet in Nicaragua


This year, the school partnered with several other schools to perform Léo Delibes Coppelia. I have to admit that I was skeptical that a student group could pull off a 2-hour full ballet, but they did a great job and both girls had a fantastic time. The first picture is Amanda and Emily with their friend Francesca, and then the 2 girls on stage.

Amanda, who has had staring roles in the past, was cast as “the night” and only had one solo in

the performance. She was on stage much of the show and even got to dance on top of a table pretending to be drunk and got a kick out of that. Amanda even appeared in La Prensa and you can see the article here.


Emily, at seven is still coming up in the ranks but loves dancing and being on stage. She’s quite the ham and will no doubt aspire to center stage in the near future. She’s also now watching dance moms on the computer and is looking to integrate some of those moves into her routines now as well.

Living a Normal Family Life in Nicaragua

This is really just a quick dad brag in this blog, but also to let folks know, you can have a normal life with kids in Nicaragua. Whatever that is. Lots to do that is “regular” like gymnastics, dance and soccer. But also lots to do that is extraordinary as well like the volcano sledding we did a while back. If you are considering a beach home in Nicaragua remember that this country is kid friendly and a whole lot of fun. Come on down and see for yourself.

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