The Benefits of Choosing to Live in Nicaragua

Posted by Mike Cobb on May 18, 2012 4:49:30 PM

Whether you are nearing retirement or looking for a fresh start in life, there are several advantages to choosing Nicaragua as your new home. The country offer cultural events, beautiful landscapes and the ability to develop a successful company. One of the least expensive countries to live in, you can stretch your funds further while still enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

The nation of Nicaragua is roughly the size of Virginia, with a population of about five million friendly Nicaraguans. Previously considered to be off the beaten path, the country is currently undergoing a boom of tourism as people discovered this gem in Central America. With a mild climate and incredibly low cost of living, people are realizing that Nicaragua has much to offer.

People moving to Nicaragua are amazed to discover that they can survive comfortably on less than a thousand dollars a month, and that fee even includes hiring someone to help around the house. Health care is more affordable, making this area even more appealing to retirees and other expatriates.

Historical Sites and Culture

From Leon in the northwest to Lake Xolotlán near the capital, the country has its share of old churches and historic colonial buildings. The coastline along the Caribbean is isolated and rustic with an easy-going charm that many visitors find highly appealing. The fact that is English is commonly spoken throughout the region makes it even easier for people the states to live in Nicaragua.

See Nicaragua During a Temporary Visit

The simplest way to make the move to Nicaragua is to visit the country using a temporary 90-day tourist visa. Once you are in the country, you can visit the Office of Immigration in eastern Managua to place a request for a residency visa. You can choose between a permanent visa and an investor’s visa, but you will need to bring some information with you. Required paperwork includes your passport, proof of funding, certification of good health, birth certificate, marriage license, certified criminal record and cash deposit for any necessary fees.

When you are ready for a change of atmosphere and pace, consider making the move to Nicaragua. The houses are affordable, cost of living is low and the scenery is incredible. You can stretch your retirement dollars further, and opportunities abound if you are looking for a fresh start.



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