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Posted by Gran Pacifica on Aug 19, 2014 2:31:01 PM

nicaragua property pricesWhen it comes to property as an investment, there is one basic rule that every investor hopes to follow: Buy low and sell high. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to ever know what property prices will be in the future, and it is only possible to act on reasonable assumptions and expectations.

In Nicaragua, current property prices are extremely low. Beachfront homes and plots for new construction are significantly less expensive than comparable properties in places like the United States, making it a smart investment for anyone who wants to turn a profit. Find out more about predictions and trends that forecast rising property prices in Nicaragua.

Increasing Tourism and Air Travel to Nicaragua

One of the biggest predictors of an increasing property market is increasing rates of tourism. Over the past decade in Nicaragua, there has undeniably been a marked uptick in visitors as well as a variety of different types of travelers.

While Nicaragua has always been a mecca for surfers who love the affordability of the country and the incredible waves, the nation is now drawing in young couples on their honeymoon, entire families in search of adventure and older travelers who come for the warm climate and breathtaking scenery. Along with the increased tourism comes more direct flights, which can encourage investors and make it more appealing to visit Nicaragua.

Blossoming Infrastructure in the Nation

Along with more flights, Nicaragua is seeing a boost in its infrastructure. Government investments as well as private foreign investments into improvements for utilities, telecommunication and roads means that the country is poised for a property market boom. When money goes into a destination for infrastructure, more money often follows in foreign investment.

Beaches and Warm Climates Hold Endless Appeal

For those worried that Nicaragua property prices might fall or even remain stagnant in the future, it is important to remember that some factors never lose their value. Having a beachfront home will always be appealing, and retirees and travelers will always go out of their way to seek out a warm climate. Since Nicaragua boasts both, it is unlikely that there will be any significant dip that might affect property prices in the country.

Factor in Costs of Living

If you are thinking about investing in property in Nicaragua for personal use, either as a vacation home or as a retirement destination, remember that the cost of living also comes into play. Prices for transport, healthcare, food and entertainment in Nicaragua are so low that residents are able to save a lot by spending more time within the country.

Property in Nicaragua is affordable today, but it is poised to see growth and rising values in the future. The key to making money on real estate investments is to buy when prices are affordable, like they are today, and capitalizing on their rising values. Click here for more information on real estate investments in Nicaragua.

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