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Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 30, 2014 7:28:11 PM

Nicaragua Condo InvestmentNicaragua is quickly becoming a well-known vacation destination among travelers who are eager to explore breathtaking scenery and magnificent beaches at much lower than average prices. However, investing in real estate for personal or development purposes in Nicaragua also has some major perks. Discover what the advantages are of investing in Nicaragua as well as whether this could be the right move for you and your future.

Lots of Undeveloped Coastline Property

One of the prime reasons to invest in property in Nicaragua is for the opportunity to purchase undeveloped property right along the beach. In most desirable coastal areas around the world, all of the best beach real estate has long been purchased and developed. In Nicaragua, however, undiscovered and undeveloped treasures on the ocean are a real possibility for investors.

Incredibly Low Real Estate Prices

Even if you have always dreamed of buying property on the beach and building your own home, it may not happen unless the price is right. Thankfully, Nicaragua boasts a fantastic market for buyers, and property is much lower than you might expect. These lower than average prices mean that even everyday individuals can potentially purchase customized homes on the water or vacation home condos that fit comfortably within their budget.

Tourism Economy on the Rise

Even when prices of real estate are low, it may not be wise to invest unless there is a noticeable uptick in interest in the country as a whole. Thankfully, that is absolutely the case currently in Nicaragua. Tourism is picking up at an extraordinary rate, which means that there is a greater demand for short-term vacation properties as well as long-term rental properties. As interest grows for Nicaragua as a tourism destination, property prices will rise as well over time.

Low Cost of Living For Retirees

Unless you are interested in commercial development or managing a rental property from overseas, you might be planning to invest in beach property for yourself. In that case, the price of living is a big factor to take into consideration. In Nicaragua, the cost of living is very affordable, and that includes everything from accommodation to dining to healthcare.

There are countless reasons to invest in a destination like Nicaragua, but these are some of the top advantages. Click here to learn more about investments in this thriving and rapidly growing country.

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