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Posted by Gran Pacifica on May 16, 2013 7:19:30 AM

Property in NicaraguaWhether you are investing in gold or beachfront property, timing is the key. There will always be items available to buy or sell, but the objective is to buy things before they are widely appreciated and then to sell them when they are at their peak. When it comes to property, it's hard to think of any location with a more promising value increase than Nicaragua. This Central American country has an amazing warm climate, beautiful beaches and lots of land available for sale, which makes it something that investors are keeping their eye on. Thanks to places like the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort, you can purchase property in Nicaragua. You can view Gran Pacifica property here, and then read on to uncover some of the top reasons to invest in the country today.

Incredible Beachfront Property and Lots of Coastline

One of the big reasons that investing in Nicaragua is such a promising prospect has to do with the geography of the country. Nestled between Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua has two coastlines that border two completely different bodies of water. To the east, you can purchase waterfront property that looks out over the Caribbean Sea. To the west, the beautiful beachfront homes border the Pacific Ocean. Having two long coastlines means that a lot of the property is close to the beach, which is something that could definitely drive up property prices in the future.

Affordable Cost of Living

Whether you plan to live in property you purchase in Nicaragua or you plan to sell or rent it out, the cost of living matters. Retirees, for example, are far more likely to buy property if they can live off of their Social Security income in that location. Thankfully, Nicaragua is one of the cheapest destinations on the planet. Many people, including expatriates who enjoy an upscale life in the country, are able to live off of just a few hundred dollars each month.

Tourism Increases = Property Increases

One of the biggest indicators of rising property markets are rising tourism numbers. More and more people are coming to Nicaragua for affordable vacations, beautiful beaches and jungle adventures, which is almost always a sign that property will continue to sell among repeat visitors who love the area.

As long as living in Nicaragua continues to be desirable and affordable, investors should consider purchasing property in the country. Learn more about some of the other reasons for investing in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is a wonderful vacation destination, but some investors are still on the fence about whether it is a smart investment opportunity. By taking a closer look, it is easy to see that the property market in the country seems promising. Two beautiful coastlines mean that there is lots of desirable beachfront property, and the affordable cost of living attracts people on a variety of different budgets. By taking a look at the rising tourism numbers, it makes sense that property sales will rise as well.

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