Huge Swell Coming to Nicaragua – Surf’s Up!

Posted by Joseph Duchene on May 8, 2015 10:04:00 AM


All along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, surfers are preparing themselves. From Poneloya near León in the North, to Gran Pacifica’s Asuchillo beach, to the surf mecca that is San Juan del Sur, Nicaraguan and international surfers are anticipating big swells over the next few weeks.

Surfline, a premium surfing website, is currently tracking a storm in the South Pacific that is expected to bring sustained swells to Central America’s Pacific coast. 

Toward the end of March and early April, the Pacific saw huge swells from Cyclone Pam, and Surfline anticipates similarly stunning conditions in the coming weeks. These swells are the lifeblood of high-quality surfing, and surfers can expect larger than average waves in their favorite Pacific surf spots. 

Surfing in Nicaragua has become a huge industry of late, as this once-undiscovered surfer’s paradise has become a hot new destination for surfers around the world.

Nicaragua has several famous breaks that keep surfers coming back for more, and the swell coming to shore should only increase those prime beaches’ draw. 

Out at Gran Pacifica, surfers are already taking advantage of the big waves at both of the well-established breaks. Asuchillo is a great break for both beginners and experts. Don’t let the “beginner” tag fool you; the surfing at Asuchillo rivals the best surfing in Nicaragua, and the swell has made it an even more exciting break. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Meatgrinders (also known affectionately as Hemorrhoids), is a pro-level break out at Gran Pacifica that is recommended for experts only. Meatgrinders is characterized by fast waves breaking shallow over the reef, and on a normal day is considered one of the best waves in Central America.

These waves are seriously massive, and have ended the runs of more than one board. The swell will make these waves even more impressive, and Gran Pacifica’s staff is expecting a steady flow of local and international surfers looking to try their hand at this world-class break. 

This could be the start of an unprecedented surf season in Nicaragua, as the swell conditions combine with Nicaragua’s generally offshore winds to create some massive barrels. Not only that, but the World Surfing Games are slated to come to Nicaragua at the end of the month.

May is going to be a big month for surfing in Nicaragua, and now is the time to grab your board and paddle out.

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Joseph Duchene

Written by Joseph Duchene

As a fluent Spanish speaker and eternal student, Joe Duchene has always been fascinated by Latin America. After spending extensive time in Mexico, he is currently living and working in Nicaragua as Content Editor for ECI Development.

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