How Diego’s Life Led Him to Nicaragua

Posted by Addison Craig on Jul 7, 2020 9:18:52 AM

Recently we were lucky enough to have Diego Glover join our team as a Property Consultant. He’s perfect for the job because not only does he live in Nicaragua himself, but as well he has previously lived in the United States, New Jersey in particular, making it so that he can relate to needs of those we serve. We previously have spoken to Patrick Hiebert about his move to Nicaragua, but we wanted to sit down with Diego because as we are all aware, not everyone has the same motivation for moving. If you found yourself not necessarily relating to Patrick’s account, maybe Diego will be your guy. Either click the thumbnail below or keep reading to hear his experience making Nicaragua a permanent part of his life.


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Early life

Originally Diego’s entire family was from Argentina and he was the only one who had ever been born in the United States. Argentina is not close to Nicaragua by any means, so how did life take him there? Nicaragua came into his life because of his uncle.

Diego’s uncle was a revolutionary in Argentina which unfortunately led him to be exiled from the country. After being exiled he ended up in Sweden and heard about another cause from someone there. At this time, the civil war in El Salvador was happening, and with the fighting spirit still being inside of him, Diego’s uncle decided to join the cause. Initially he became a Sandinista and was in the dangerous business of running guns from El Salvador to Nicaragua. That danger caught up to him and in 1985 he unfortunately lost his hand to a bomb.

Diego’s mother decided she would need to go down and help her brother and with Diego being only 3 years old at the time, he went down with her; this would be his first trip of many to Nicaragua. At that time getting to Nicaragua was not easy and Diego and his mother had to cross the border at either Honduras or Costa Rica, but once they were in the country they were able to take care of and spend time with Diego’s uncle.

In 1990, with the surprising win of Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, the borders reopened, and life started moving with some semblance of normalcy. At that point Diego had already fallen in love with the country and so he would happily go down every year and spend anywhere from 3-6 months in Nicaragua.


Dissatisfaction with the American dream

This was never a question for Diego, moving to Nicaragua. He always knew he was going to retire there and his dream that he planned to make a reality was that he would have a tiki bar on the beach in Nicaragua through retirement. The only question was when was that retirement from an American lifestyle going to happen?

Prior to 2013, Diego’s life consisted of the basic American grind. He was a real estate agent in New Jersey who owned a cleaning service and acted as a business consultant. He was working early morning to late at night just afford those new things: a house, a car, the newest phone. This is was what his life consisted of and simply what he was used to life being.

Then in 2013, he had a rough year professionally and personally; it was the perfect time to make the change that he knew his life was leading up to. He was young, he was able, and he realized that it was not worth waiting for. If he moved to Nicaragua then he could sell everything, be out of debt, and shoot off to his new home; it did not have to be a retirement plan, it could be his life.


Mindthegap4The view from Diego's porch in Nicaragua


Making Nicaragua permanent

It was official, Nicaragua would be happening as soon as possible. Diego went to work getting his life set up for the move by selling everything he owned and setting up the business he dreamed to have. By 2015 everything was ready to go and Diego flew down to Nicaragua. Though it could seem like 2013 events made it an impulsive decision, it was not. This was his dream, the way his life was going to end up; he just pressed fast-forward on it all.

He ended up opening a hostel/ beach bar and after some success and new demand he was able to make the addition of a restaurant. These were the years his life always craved, and he was getting to experience them when he was young.


The idea of moving back to the United States

When questioned about whether his life was ever going to lead him back to the United States, Diego definitively and affirmatively said no. In 2018 a few political issues were occurring so just to be prudent Diego and his girlfriend looked into options of different countries, but even then, these countries were Panama or Costa Rica; the United States was not on the plate of options. At the end of it all, Diego stuck it out in Nicaragua and that is still where he finds himself today.


Mindthegap1The beach immediately in front of Diego's home


Recommending Nicaragua

Diego loves Nicaragua and would not have his life any other way, that is clear, but when asked about recommending Nicaragua to others he made sure to be realistic. Where one moves is subjective. Through doing real estate in Nicaragua and in his experience of simply talking to people, Diego learned that full transparency is key. Sometimes the power and internet go out, and this can last longer than you would be used to in North America. In the United States, if you want a hamburger or suddenly have a craving, you are always 10 minutes away from what you want; in Nicaragua Diego is an hour away from the closest town.

That all being said, his life in Nicaragua is the best. He gets to live in the safest Central American country, he gets to meet the most genuine people, and he is living in a gorgeous, virtually untouched, landscape. Diego’s life is a dream now, and it is not only because of Nicaragua but it is because he chose to make his dream a reality.



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Addison Craig

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