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Posted by Adam McGeehan on Jan 6, 2016 7:46:52 AM

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Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is known for many things; excellent surfing, high quality houses, and a strong sense of community are all things that come to mind when one thinks of Gran Pacifica. But, there is so much more to Gran Pacifica. One of Gran Pacifica’s hidden treasures are its horses. These beautiful creatures do not get nearly as much attention as they deserve, and being so majestic and strong, they certainly deserve a lot. 

Gran Pacifica is home to many domesticated horses. These horses are fully trained, and can be ridden by anyone who chooses to, whether they be a home owner, a temporary resident, or even a traveler there only for the weekend or even the day. Horse riding at Gran Pacifica is a wonderful activity, and one we hope everyone can come and enjoy.

Gran Pacifica is an excellent place for horseback riding. The resort hosts 2 miles of trails which work their way through various parts of the resort. Whether it’s a stroll through a wooded, shaded area or a more high-speed trot through the fields, the variety of horse trails will not leave you disappointed.

Horse rides along the beach are also available, and actually one of the most popular among residents and travelers alike. What better way to take in the beauty of a sunset along the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, than by riding along the beach atop a majestic horse?

For those avid horse-lovers who want to bring their special mare to Gran Pacifica, the resort is planning to have freshly built and designed stables to house horses of guests. These stables will feature housing for the horses, feeding stations, full time care staff, and a corral.


Gran Pacifica has so many activities to offer residents and visitors. Surf lessons are available from a multitude of qualified instructors. These can range from lessons for complete beginners, to more advanced and experienced surfers. Or if you’re comfortable enough on a board that you don’t need an instructor, we have a wide selection of boards for rent as well. The surfing at Gran Pacifica enjoys steady winds blowing from Lake Nicaragua, blowing around 250 days out of the year. The surfing along Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast, and at Gran Pacifica specifically, has been described as some of the best breaks in Central America.

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The golf course at Gran Pacifica is another activity that has become a favorite of many. This course works its way through the lush greens of the resort. The clubhouse offers a fully stocked pro shop, club and cart rentals combined with a restaurant and bar.

Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is a premiere destination for so many engaging activities. Horseback riding, whether along trails through the resort or along the beach, is one of the most enjoyable activities that can be engaged in at Gran Pacifica.

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