Tropical Tiny Homes Are Here To Stay

Posted by Mary Rodriguez on Mar 9, 2021 8:33:41 AM

In a housing market where the phrase “bigger is better” has often played a major role, it’s surprising how the Tiny Home Trend has taken hold. Over the past decade or so, “downsizing” has become a major term in the industry. The size of average homes in larger, more developed countries like the US tends to be about 2,467 square feet. Tiny homes range between 600 square feet to even under 100 square feet!

The housing market is often driven by the economy, society, and the environment. When the economy is soaring, so are home sizes and prices. Remember the rise of the McMansions? At some point, however, that bubble bursts, and mentalities change and the desire to go smaller takes root.

It doesn’t even have to be an economic crisis that drives the consumer to downsize. For some, it’s a desire to own a second home. Empty nesters want to let go of the larger family home and move into a more intimate space. 

Driven by the desire to steward a better planet, varying generations are also seeking what’s best for the environment, believing that smaller is the solution. It all adds up to the creation of a Tiny Home market that is here to stay.


Less Is More Perico Model 2-2

A pleasant side effect of downsizing is that the less there is to build or buy, the less the overall costs. That often leaves room to splurge on a better locations and material upgrades. One can go from a second home a few states away to a fabulous tiny home in another country! Which leads to the next side effect of downsizing to a tiny home: freedom.


Freedom Means Power


A lot of people invest overseas as a means of generating a second income through vacation rental property. The added benefits include freedom from excess – whether it be space, furnishings, material attachments, or the need to constantly upgrade and keep up with the Jones’.

“I live in a 6,000 square foot house…” While most dreams can fit in 6,000 square feet, the following words wake one right up. “…you can only imagine the constant work and maintenance.”  

A Tiny Home means less maintenance and more freedom to do what makes one happy. Owning in a different country such as Nicaragua provides an escape route when the rat race gets overwhelming. 

ECI Development has Tiny Home options for those seeking a life change. Eco Village Asuchillo (EVA) in Nicaragua is a community of off-the-grid tiny homes near the beach. These tiny homes are perfect as a vacation rental, an escape for the homeowner, and an ideal option should one seek to make the permanent move. 

A self-sustainable life awaits you, complete with the comforts of home in an off-grid, beautiful beach location. 

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Mary Rodriguez

Written by Mary Rodriguez

Mary comes to ECI Development after over 15 years at The San Pedro Sun Newspaper. As the former Associate Editor of both the paper and travel magazine My Beautiful Belize, she tapped into a variety of roles, from sales and marketing to news and travel writing. Originally from San Antonio Village in the Cayo District, she has lived on Ambergris Caye for 25 years. An adventurous spirit, Mary has rappelled down waterfalls and sunken caves, snorkeled 30,000 foot waters looking for whale sharks, and skydived over the island. She is thrilled to continue writing and sharing stories about her favorite place, Belize, as a Content Writer for ECI Development.

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