Preparing for the Unexpected on Vacation

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Before traveling to a foreign country, prepare by investigating the healthcare system. Healthcare in Nicaragua is largely limited to the city of Managua. You will be able to find healthcare options for issues that are not serious outside of the city as well as within the city. Managua is the main place where the medical community can treat the serious medical conditions that can occur when you're on vacation.

Emergency Transportation in Nicaragua

Be assured that you will have a medical facility to go to if you need it in Managua, but you also need to consider transportation. If you call an ambulance in Nicaragua, the emergency personnel will be able to transport you to the hospital of your choice or offer you basic first aid.

Health Insurance in Nicaragua

Prepare for the unexpected by ensuring your health insurance covers you in Nicaragua. Specifically, you will need to ask your insurance company if their coverage extends to Nicaragua. You will also need to ask if the plan covers emergencies, such as ambulance rides, hospital stays or evacuations.

If your health insurance does not cover these services, you have the option of purchasing a travel health insurance policy that will cover the services described in this article. Travel health insurance policies pay for hospital stays, evacuations, medical treatment and office visits.If you purchase travel health insurance and remain within the city of Managua, you will be prepared to meet any medical emergency that arises.

After purchasing a travel health insurance policy, you will be able to pay for the best healthcare in Nicaragua. Also be aware that you will have to inform the ambulance driver to take you to a private hospital. If you do not do this, the ambulance personnel will take you to the nearest hospital, and this may be a public hospital.

Preparations before Leaving the United States

Further prepare for your trip by getting vaccinations. In Nicaragua, the important vaccinations to have are for Hepatitis A and B, rabies and typhoid. When you arrive in the country, it's a good idea to mainly drink bottled water. As a precaution, those taking prescription medications may want to carry an extra supply of bottled water with them.

Visiting the beach resort of Gran Pacifica will be a fun experience, but you do have to prepare for the unexpected. In the event that you become ill or are injured, you will have access to healthcare, but you will need to have a way to pay for it. Travel health insurance policies provide this coverage, and they make it possible for tourists to Nicaragua to travel carefree.

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