Nicaragua Embraces the Future with Medical Tourism

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Dec 6, 2012 6:52:01 AM

Patients in the United States and Canada have turned to Nicaragua as the newest location to receive quality medical care at lower costs. WellMed Nicaragua, located in Miami, Fla., is making this possible. Their recent launch was attended by the Nicaraguan Minister of Tourism, Mario Salinas.

A Booming Industry

As a response to the rising cost of healthcare, medical tourism has become a booming industry. Institutions such as WellMed welcome the interest. They act as a medical tourism facilitator to patients living in the U.S. and Canada. They aim at providing these patients with top-quality medical treatments at the most competitive prices on the globe.Patients are able to combine treatment for health related needs with enjoyable travel with their families. CEO of WellMed Nicaragua boasts of medical services provided by physicians with extensive experience. The care is provided in a personalized hospital setting where cutting-edge equipment is being put to use.

Various Procedures Available to Travelers

Specialists in orthopedic surgery, endodontics and reconstructive surgery made presentations during the event. The chief of Medical Tourism, Ms. Arlen Perez, was in attendance on behalf of the Hospital Metropolitano. WellMed will only provide services through accredited centers, according to the press release. Investors in Central America and countries throughout the world predict large successes for the endeavor. In addition to the healthcare industry in Nicaragua, the country itself is expected to see many lucrative returns from medical tourism. The boom in demand is expected to expand the services and health-related professions currently available in Nicaragua.The increase in patients traveling to the region will also encourage the immigration of well-educated physicians from around the world. Here, they will be able to provide valuable experience and advance the existing healthcare systems already in place. The upgrade in the image of the country should benefit the citizens and private businesses throughout its borders. WellMed plans to play an integral role in assisting the development of new facilities that can provide medical doctors with an outlet for practice with the proper international certifications.
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