Improvements in Nicaraguan Healthcare

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Dec 27, 2012 7:30:04 AM

Nicaragua HealthcareSince the Sandinista-era, healthcare has been a priority in Nicaragua. Currently, the country is ranked 71st out of 190 in terms of quality healthcare systems in the world by the World Health Organization. Most of the highly-specialized hospitals are located in Managua.

Both Vivian Pellas Metropolitan Hospital and Hospital Bautista offer quality care to Nicaraguans and to medical tourists. Though there are some improvements to be made to the hospitals and medical care system in terms of equipment offered, the healthcare system is still better than many countries in the world.

Affordability of Healthcare in Nicaragua

Both Managua and Granada hospitals offer affordable prices for healthcare. A simple office visit costs $30 and a house call is only $35. Patients can receive lab work for only $10 to $15. A full physical, complete with blood work, X-rays, ultrasound, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, treadmill EKG and consultation, would cost less than $500. X-rays are very affordable and only cost $17. Mammograms can be obtained for $150 and CAT scans may cost $300.

Most simple procedures can be performed with confidence in Nicaragua. Though Nicaraguan hospitals have departments for oncology, neurology and cardiology, complicated procedures requiring advanced equipment may require an evacuation to another location where more advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment is available. MedEvac insurance is available for $250 annually to cover the expense of a flight to one of these hospitals for care.

No public hospital in Nicaragua can overcharge patients for healthcare based upon a verdict issued by the Nicaraguan government. This initiative was a part of the effort to provide subsidized health care services in all of the government hospitals and health care centers.

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