Going to the Dentist in Nicaragua is Easy

Posted by Mike Cobb on Jul 31, 2012 10:54:57 AM

Family Dentistry in Nicaragua

Going to the dentist in Nicaragua is easy. In fact, it’s faster and more convenient that in the US actually. I called last Friday and made an appointment for Monday, any opening, and they got me in at 9:00am. I guess no one wants to go first, because when I left at 9:30 the office was full.

Anyway, I showed up at 9 and opened my laptop. About the time I got into my first e-mail they called me back to “the chair.” Martha Madriz and her husband David run the Family Dentistry and it is where my wife and kids go too. They do great work and it’s inexpensive. $30 for a cleaning.

English Magazines at Dentist Office

I know some other folks have now been to Nicaragua for more advanced dental work. The work is excellent and the prices are very reasonable and the savings cover the cost of the trip as well. They even have English language magazines in their waiting room.

So if you need to have some dental work done and are going to be in the area, check these guys out. For many folks considering a move to Nicaragua, knowing that you can find excellent and affordable dental care is a huge relief. These are some of the quality of life factors in addition to homes in Nicaragua that make a difference. If you end up at a place on the beach like Gran Pacifica, the mountains, or a colonial city like Granada, be sure to look up David and Martha for your dental needs. They are friendly, fast, and fantastic.


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