3 Things Retirees Need to Know About Healthcare in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Apr 29, 2014 8:30:32 AM

Healthcare in Nicaragua for RetireesThere is no arguing with the fact that Nicaragua is an unbeatable destination for retirees. Between the affordable cost of living and the breathtaking scenery, Nicaragua can be a dream come true for individuals who are ready for a more relaxed way of life.

Before you can make the move to a new country like Nicaragua, however, it is important to have a basic understanding of the healthcare system.

Thankfully, healthcare in Nicaragua is fantastic and easy to comprehend. Here are three things that potential retirees should know about healthcare and medical facilities in Nicaragua.

1. Routine Visits and Treatments Are Affordable

One of things that makes healthcare in this country so impressive is the low cost of treatments and routine visits. Compared to the United States, where even a co-pay for a visit to the doctor could be a significant amount, even with insurance, prices in Nicaragua are very reasonable. Sample prices include a $35 house call from a licensed doctor, lab work for $15 or even an X-ray for less than $20. Keep in mind that even with these affordable prices, the quality is not compromised. You will get excellent care from talented physicians, and only your wallet will be able to tell the difference.

2. Bilingual Medical Professionals Are the Norm

A big concern for many retirees is the language barrier in Nicaragua. While it is true that most residents and locals will speak Spanish as their native tongue, that doesn't mean that you will have any trouble being understood. Those with college degrees, and especially those in the medical field, typically speak excellent English so that they can better understand patients.

3. Hospitals Can Compete with American or European Facilities

The quality and conditions of hospitals in Nicaragua are worth getting excited about. The Vivian Pellas Metropolitan Hospital in Managua, for example, is in the process of getting accredited by United States medical bodies, and it attracts a number of medical tourists from around the world.

Preventive Healthcare: Diet and Exercise

Remember that, in many cases, preventive healthcare can be more effective than any medicine. The sun, access to outdoor activity and fresh food in Nicaragua can go a long way in improving your health.

These are all the key things that retirees should know about healthcare in Nicaragua. Click here for more information on the area.


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