Meet the Gran Pacifica Community

Posted by Holly Wilson on Sep 28, 2018 12:00:00 PM

When in Nicaragua if you stop to talk to people in the Gran Pacifica community you will find the most interesting folks!

Chip and Sue Charnley

Chip and Sue Charnley are a couple who had looked around for a place to retire for several years and finally found Gran Pacifica. Once they did, jokingly Sue told Chip, "You can go home, I will stay here!" Chip had wanted to find a place that was inexpensive with warm temperatures, and had no chance of hurricanes. They went to a Live and Invest Overseas Conference in 2011 to jump start their exploration, and in 2013 they discovered how nice Nicaragua is upon visiting Gran Pacifica.

Both are multi-talented people. Chip has been a “gamer” since he was a boy. He worked with the Ford IT Development Department for 25 years. He is also a professional woodworker and plans to build a shop at Gran Pacifica.
Sue has 38 years of education combined between her Bachelor of English degree from Michigan State University, Masters at the University of South Florida with an emphasis on Creative Writing, and a PhD. in Middle English Literature. She is a published author of 15 romance novels and has written upwards of 25 books.

Referencing professional work, Sue mentioned that a common truth in any field is, “Success or failure comes from the top.”  She used the Ford Motor Company as an example because the company did not borrow money from the government in 2008 when the stock market plummeted in the U.S. Sue said, “I think about the leadership of ECI Development in the same way. It survived 18 years of ups and downs in Central America and Mike Cobb is a good leader.”

When asked what she finds most challenging in Nicaragua her response was, “It is harder to adjust as I am an older dog and take more time to learn new tricks”. When asked what she likes best about the country, she said, “The climate, economy, and the people, but not necessarily in that order.”

One of the couple’s favorite things to do in the evenings is to go down to the SeaSalt Restaurante and have dessert. They love to share a large scoop of chocolate ice cream while talking about their future at Gran Pacifica.

Hanging around Gran Pacifica 

ECI Development delivers affordable luxury residence and resort communities in Central America, providing our clients with various premier lifestyle options from the Caribbean to the Pacific. ECI delivers inspired residences for adventurous souls.

Coupled with over 20 years of inherent corporate social responsibility in the communities where we work, ECI Development is building a sustainable business that is going to be around for the next 100+ years.

Holly Wilson

Written by Holly Wilson

Holly Wilson is from California. She has a Bachelor's in International Relations/Community Development and enjoyed her career in Social Services. She is now working with Gran Pacifica Resort / ECI Development, employing her special skills on the many projects of Corporate Social Responsibility this company engages in. She is enjoying living in Nicaragua and getting to know the great people here.

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