Gran Pacifica and Others Clean Up San Diego River

Posted by Adam McGeehan on Apr 19, 2017 11:05:28 AM

 On the morning of March 29th, around a dozen volunteers cleaned up the San Diego River, which runs along the property line of Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort. These volunteers included Gran Pacifica staff, members of the local municipality, as well as other volunteers. 


In total, 2 kilometers of the San Diego River were cleaned. Volunteers walked along the river, beginning at the bridge which marks the entrance to Gran Pacifica Resort, and followed the river all the way out to the Pacific Ocean.


Before the work of this volunteer force, the river was sadly polluted with trash and debris that flows from upstream communities. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, the river, its surrounding banks, as well as the road which the river runs along, were cleaned of trash and debris. At least a half-dozen large trash bags were filled. In addition to this, several large tires were pulled out of the river. 

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Several members of the Gran Pacifica team also brought chainsaws into the river, which they used to chop up several fallen logs that were obstructing the flow and causing it to back up above the dam further down the river. The cleaners even found several tiny piglets down by the river, cooling off and relaxing. They, of course, left the piglets alone to enjoy themselves in the newly cleaned river bed. 


The volunteers were a mixed group. They included many members of the Gran Pacifica staff, several members of the local municipality and three soldiers stationed in the area. 


Several other volunteers from Mind the Gap eco-lodge, located down by the San Diego beach also helped and included people from several countries as far away as Germany. 

     Gran Pacifica Clean Up San Diego River, group standing in river, nature shot.jpg  Gran Pacifica Clean Up San Diego River, individual cleaning in river.jpg 

The river is now beautiful and clean. This River Clean Up Project was just one of many projects that occurred during the final week of March, which saw a slew of volunteerism happening around the Gran Pacifica area. So many individuals and groups worked tirelessly to make these projects possible. Gran Pacifica would like to specifically thank Osman Picado, Angela Smetana and Dr. Andrea Martinez as part of Help Them Help Themselves, who were vital in coordinating many volunteer projects that happened during the first months of this year. The Vida del Mar Rental Agency provided lodging, and the Sea Salt Restaurante provided meals. Gran Pacifica would like to extend a special thanks to every and all of these individuals and groups for the effort they put forth to make all of these community-enchancing projects possible; none of this would have been possible without them. 


Other volunteer projects included the most recent medical mission, which was the first of its kind to make use of the newly completed Roberto Clemente III Clinic, located outside of Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort on land donated by the resort. Hundreds of residents from the local area were bussed in and attended to by the medical staff. It was a great success for all involved. 


In addition, a volunteer team made a visit to the California School, where Gran Pacifica staff member Helio Alfaro regularly teaches classes. Gran Pacifica’s full-time Corporate Social Responsibility volunteer, Holly Wilson and resident Ruth Hiebert, also volunteer teaching English to the school children. 

                               Gran Pacifica Clean Up San Diego River, three soldiers.jpg          Gran Pacifica Clean Up San Diego River, results, several full trash bags.jpg

     Gran Pacifica Clean Up San Diego River, group photo 1.jpg Gran Pacifica Clean Up San Diego River, group photo 2.jpg

Many of the volunteers of Travel To Do Good, in partnership with Help Them Help Themselves (who were at Gran Pacifica that final week of March), hosted two art classes at the California school. A total of 37 school children participated. The children were all happy to express themselves through art. The volunteers, likewise, were very happy to work with such cheery and enthusiastic children. You can read the full details of the art classes here. 


Gran Pacifica is proud to be involved in so many volunteer projects. It truly allows us to live up to our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. If you’d like to participate in a future volunteerism project through Gran Pacifica, contact

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