Gran Pacifica continues the commitment to the social responsibility: Gives 105 Wheelchairs to those in need.

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Nov 25, 2016 1:28:55 PM

Gran Pacifica continues the commitment to social responsibility: Gives 105 Wheelchairs to those in need.

Gran Pacífica Beach and Golf Resort together with the Managua-Tiscapa Rotary Club through a donation from Glen Mather and his company NuViewIRA initiated the “Chairs the Love” project.

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105 wheelchairs were distributed in different regions of Nicaragua providing those in need with an incredible improvement to their lives.

The chairs were manufactured by The Wheelchair Foundation in China with a total value of U$ 15,000.00. In addition to the wheelchairs, Mr Mather and his group also brought school supplies, coloring books and toys. The donation ceremony was held at the local village of San Diego Finca's school.

Perla Cruz, who lives in the community of Villa El Carmen near Gran Pacifica, very excitedly expressed that it is a blessing to have received a wheelchair for her daughter. The young girl had no way to be mobile but now her mother said she can bring her to hospitals, medical centers and church. The disabled teenager was becoming too heavy to carry, which is why Ms. Perla could not stop thanking God and the donors for such an amazing gift.

Marisol Trejos, arrived at the celebration from the village of California along with her mother to receive a wheelchair. It was accepted with a big thankful smile and Marisol said that the one she previously had was in very bad condition and did not allow her to go outside of her home.

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After the celebration for the attendees, the donors enjoyed a delicious Caballo Bayo (typical Nicaraguan meal) along with the residents of Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort at the Gran Pacifica Golf Club House. All funds raised at the resident's dinner will go to The Wheelchair Foundation for future donations.

Gran Pacifica staff would like to thank all those involved in the donation of the wheelchairs and everyone who contributed to the project. Many lives were changed for the better and we look forward to many more projects like this in the future!

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