Live By a Golf Course in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jul 2, 2013 8:05:36 AM

Golf Course in Nicaragua No matter the reason people come to Nicaragua, living near one of its world-class golf courses is an unbeatable lifestyle choice.

And even if golf isn't your thing, the Central American country's beaches, surfing, and culture are sure to tempt you with relaxation and good times.

On the Beach

Somehow the beaches of Nicaragua remain timeless, no matter what modern amenities and stylish swimsuits might be spotted from the sand. Mountains and volcanoes, not to mention the pristine water and softly undulating dunes, make a visitor or resident feel like they're in the last untouched spot in the world.

And if golf is your thing, it's a short trip to the course from the beach, and you'll find the weather almost always amenable to visiting the links. Your golf game will improve - but be careful not to get lost staring at the scenery or you might miss where your ball went.

Leaving the beach and venturing out in the water, you will find even more to do, such as doing some fishing in the Atlantic, where there are more varieties of game fish than most people outside of Nicaragua have ever seen. And whether you're hitting the course back on land or doing some exciting sport fishing on the water, you'll never have trouble making up a foursome in a place where people come to live the good life.

No matter what reason you're thinking about golf course homes in Nicaragua, you'll find more and more the closer you look. The links and the beach await you.

Gran Pacifica

Written by Gran Pacifica

Gran Pacifica is a master planned community of over 2500 acres and 3.5 miles of Pacific coast line an hour west of Managua in Nicaragua. The company focuses on providing their international and domestic clientele with communities that feature first-rate amenities and infrastructure including underground utilities, paved streets and sidewalks. Gran Pacifica's primary demographic is North American Retirees and vacation homes in Nicaragua owners who enjoy living in a robust beach and golf community.

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