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Whether you're thinking about moving to Nicaragua during retirement, investing in property in the country or buying a second home for vacations, it is important to take a closer look at the tourism industry as a whole. Increased tourism typically signifies more interest in a destination, which in turn leads to more foreign investment, a boost in infrastructure and even rising property prices. Therefore, exploring the status of a tourism economy before buying real estate is a way of ensuring that your investment will provide great returns and that you can expect a bright future in the years to come.

Thankfully, the current status of tourism in Nicaragua is exceptional. Tourism numbers are on the rise, and those who come to visit stay for longer and are more likely than ever to become a repeat visitor. Take a peek for yourself and explore Nicaragua's tourism economy.

More Flights to and From Nicaragua

One of the clearest ways to see that tourism is booming in Nicaragua is to take a look at the flights coming to and from the country. As airlines notice that their flights are filling up quickly, they respond by offering more frequent flights to Nicaragua.

In addition, many airlines are expanding their routes to offer direct flights to Nicaragua from more cities. This, in turn, is making travel to Nicaragua more convenient and affordable than ever, particularly for those who don't live next to major travel hubs. 

Affordable Cost of Living Means Extended Visits for Travelers

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, both business and pleasure travel to Nicaragua is increasing year after year. Part of this growth can be attributed to more visitors, but it can also be attributed to longer stays.

Since the cost of living in Nicaragua is so low, many business travelers are excited to lengthen the duration of their stay and have a short vacation before or after a work conference.

Pleasure travelers on a budget recognize and appreciate that they can stay at a luxury hotel in Nicaragua for a week rather than a mediocre hotel in Europe or North America for just a few days. Cheaper travel means longer stays, which in turn boosts the tourism economy for the nation of Nicaragua as a whole.

Huge Investments into Nicaragua's Infrastructure

Finally, it would be a mistake to ignore the significance of infrastructure on tourism as well as tourism on infrastructure. In order to see a truly thriving tourism economy, nations like Nicaragua have to have fully developed infrastructure in place. 

Visitors love the idea of an undeveloped area or beaches free from crowds, but they still also typically want access to wireless Internet at their hotels as well as safe, paved roads. 

Recently, the government of Nicaragua pledged more than one billion dollars to improve infrastructure, which makes it a more appealing destination to travelers from around the world. In turn, the increase in tourism will encourage more foreign investors to build accommodation, develop communities and invest in the growing nation.

Nicaragua has long had a tourism economy popular among those who love surfing, eco-friendly accommodation and budget travel. In recent years, however, people from all walks of life have discovered the unparalleled beauty and culture of Nicaragua. 

This benefits the economy and the lives of residents in countless ways, but it also has a positive impact on the value of vacation and retirement homes in Nicaragua, both of which are fantastic news for investors.

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Mike Cobb

Written by Mike Cobb

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