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Nicaragua is known for beautiful beaches and a rising tourism industry, certainly, but it also has a reputation for being home to some of the most pristine rainforests in the world. In fact, Nicaragua is where you'll find one of one three major blocs of rainforest that still exists within Central America.

This lush greenery of the rainforest, as well as the animals that reside within, make Nicaragua a top choice for nature lovers as well as those fascinated by the ecosystem.

Discover more about the rainforest in Nicaragua and how you can explore it while visiting or residing in the country.

Where Are the Nicaraguan Rainforests?

Nicaragua, a country that occupies just over 50,000 square miles, can be divided into three major regions: the Pacific Lowlands, the North Central Highland and the Caribbean Lowlands.

The latter, the Caribbean Lowlands, faces the Caribbean Sea, tends to be warmer and has a higher overall humidity. The Caribbean Lowlands is also where most of the country's rainforests are concentrated.

In this region of the country, you'll find the enormous Rio Coco, which is the largest river in Central America, as well as many other rivers, a wide array of biodiversity and relatively little development and infrastructure.

Although mining in this area is ongoing, there are many restrictions in place to limit disruptions to the landscape and to preserve the integrity and beauty of this natural attraction.

Bosawas Biosphere Reserve

For anyone who wants to explore a rainforest in Nicaragua, the best place to visit will be the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve. Located in the state of Jintoga in Northern Nicaragua, the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve that takes up almost 15 percent of the nation's total landmass.

Clearly, this rainforest is an enormous one that even today has not fully been explored or recorded. One of the last remaining rainforests of this size, Bosawas is home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna.

In terms of insects alone, there are reported to be more than 200,000 different species, many of which could have benefits to the pharmaceutical or medical industries.

Visitors will also come across thousands of different plant species, over 700 different types of birds and larger animals like pumas, jaguars and tapirs.

To visit the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, visitors need to be accompanied by experienced guides and even have written permission from the Nicaraguan government.

This effort is more than worth the incredible experience that visitors have exploring one of the most mysterious and awe-inspiring destinations on the planet.

Rainforest Canopy Tours in Mombacho

If you want to get a taste of the rainforests in Nicaragua without trekking into the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, a shorter day adventure is a canopy tour through the rainforest of Mombacho Volcano.

Mombacho tours typically include transportation, an expert guide, all the equipment you'll need and even a traditional lunch. Participants will get to explore the biodiversity within the Mombacho Volcano Reserve, which is conveniently located less than 10 miles outside of Granada.

The combination of dwarf forest and cloud forest is the perfect place to soar on a zip-line from platform to platform at great heights as you survey the rainforest all around you and soak up the natural beauty of Nicaragua.

In terms of biodiversity, Nicaragua is one of the top places in the world. The rainforests in Nicaragua are bursting with nature and opportunities to explore and have fun.

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