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Posted by Gran Pacifica on Nov 30, 2012 4:35:45 PM

On Mikes Gringo Life, show date December 4th, 2012, Mike will be interviewing the founder of the Overseas Radio Network himself, David Gregerson. David has recently moved the radio station to Costa Rica and he is now planning to take up the expat lifestyle with his wife and 3 children sometime next year, perhaps in Panama. He discusses his search criteria for both a professional relocation of his business and also those factors important for his family and their anticipated move. He is honest with his concerns about living overseas, and why he feels that the benefits outweigh the risks, or he admits, possibly just the perceived risks.

In the second half of the hour, Mike interviews Jimmy Wellworn, a U.S. expat living in Panama for 6 years about his transition and why he has started a new business helping folks find properties for development. Jimmy tells listeners about a specific property in the far west of Panama on the Pacific that he thinks would be a good fit for ECI Development to consider as a project for U.S. retirees looking for inexpensive beach properties close to David, a city of nearly 100,000.

In the final segment, Mike talks with long time friend and tax attorney, Joel Nagel, about the impending deadline for tax planning inside the current tax rates. Attorney Nagel discusses how some taxes will go up by almost 300%, and the incoming inheritance tax will cripple family farms and small businesses for generations to come. December 31, 2012 is the last day to make estate transfers and the law firm of Nagel and Associates will do their best to help everyone they can right up to the last minute.

Join Mike and his guests for a spirited discussion about some critically important and timely topics. Listen to the show here. Show airs every Tuesday from 2pm -– 3 pm EST

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