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Nicaragua has some great events for tourists and the Poetry Festival in Granada is a huge one drawing over 100 poets from over 60 countries. Only 90 minutes from Gran Pacifica, Granada is an easy day trip. Granada is a fantastic colonial city, the oldest in the Americas at 492 years old, and the perfect location for a gathering of world renown poets and artists, Feb 13-20. Even if you don't speak Spanish, the city comes alive with dance and visual arts, as well as exhibitions of painting, ceramics, and other artisans displaying their creations and wares. While you are there be sure to check out the chocolate museum and try your hand and creating you own artisanal chocolate.  My daughters have, they love it.


Granada International Poetry Festival

The eighth edition of Granada's International Poetry Festival will take place from February 13 to 20, 2012. In attendance will be more than 110 poets from 62 countries which will be dedicated to the poet Carlos Marti­nez Rivas (1924 - 1998) and will also note the centennial of Pablo Antonio Cuadra's birthday (Nicaragua, 1912). Its slogan will be "La Poesí­a es Insurrección Solitaria", which is related to one of Martinez's poetry books. The event includes recitals, talks, concerts, books sales, open microphone activities and a folkloric Nicaraguan festival.


The city of Granada is mostly known for its tourist interest due to its history and architecture. However, the city has also been characterized by its cultural profile which transformed Granada into the host city for the International Poetry Festival since 2005. This event is a celebration of poetry and culture with poets from all over the world participating, and it is currently the largest poetry event in Nicaragua and Central America. Every year a large number of prestigious poets are invited to the city to recite poems and participate in this cultural event.


This is the first time that the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malaysia and Santa Lucí­a will come to Nicaragua for this event. The scenarios will be varied and the majority of them will be located in the city of Granada, although there will also be performances in the municipalities of Nandaime, Diriomo, Masaya, Nindirí­, Catarina, Niquinohomo, Masatepe, Jinotepe, Diriamba, San Marcos, León and Managua.

In addition to the traditional poetry readings, panel discussions, workshops, presentations, dance performances and concerts, the festival will also include a Crafts Fair, Books Fair and a Poetic Carnival. The carnival is a major expression that brings together the national folklore with a tribute to the Caribbean culture, women and youth in Nicaragua. This year's event announced the participation of the renowned poets Derek Walcott (Nobel Prize), Robert Pinsky (Pulitzer Prize nominee), Homero Aridjis (Xavier Villaurrutia Award) and Reynaldo Lacamara (President of the Association writers of Chile) for this edition.


This year's honored poet is Carlos Martinez Rivas who was born in Guatemala (1924) and died in Managua (1998). He lived in Madrid (Spain) and Paris (France) during a very bohemian period of cultural learning. His collection of poems entitled "Infierno de Cielo y antes y después," won the 1984 Ruben Dario Latin American Poetry Prize (Nicaragua). His latest book "La Insurrección Solitaria" was published in Mexico in 1953. Due to his alcoholism, his literary production became more and more scarce. His poetry can also be found in books such as "El paraí­so recobrado" (1943) and "Poesí­a Reunida" (2007).


We enjoy the festival each year for many reasons. Granada curbs are painted, the streets are repaired and cleaned, and there is a festive air about the city. Many artisans set up tents to sell their wares, food tents appear and it is a massive book fair. Poets are held in higher esteem here and they pretty much state their opinion on everything from love to war.


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