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Whether you're getting serious about retiring in Nicaragua or planning a vacation there in the near future, transport will almost certainly be a big concern.

Yes, the country offers an incredibly low cost of living, amazing real estate opportunities, fantastic accommodations and a wide range of attractions, but getting there is a practical concern for many.

Fortunately, Nicaragua's international airport in Managua offers several direct flights to major cities in the United States as well as the potential for many more in the future.

Enjoy quick and easy access to Nicaragua thanks to airlines operating from several major destinations in America.

Direct Flights From the United States

Currently, those who want to fly between the United States and Nicaragua have several options to choose from. American Airlines operates regular flights between Miami, Florida, and Managua in Nicaragua.

Delta Air Lines offers flights from their hub in Atlanta direct to Nicaragua as well. Avianca, a Colombian airline, also boasts flights to and from Miami from Nicaragua.

United Airlines operates regular flights from Houston, Texas, to Nicaragua, and the low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines offers flights to and from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

All of these options make it easy to find a direct flight heading to a number of major cities in the United States. Travelers who prefer to stick with their preferred choice of airline will certainly have a wide selection since so many airlines operate in Nicaragua.

Expansion of Major Airline Carriers

In addition to the many direct flights listed above, it is worth noting that airlines are beginning to offer even more options for travelers. American Airlines, for example, is adding a route between Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas and the Nicaraguan capital city of Managua.

As fights fill up faster and faster each year, airlines continue to expand their offerings and create new routes for visitors as well as the many expatriates who live in Nicaragua for all or most of the year.

Delta Air Lines is just about to introduce a new flight between Los Angeles, California, and Nicaragua, and Spirit Airlines will soon be offering direct flights between Houston-Intercontinental Airport in Texas and Managua.

Abundance of Connecting Flights

If you want to take a direct flight from the United States to Nicaragua, then you will be flying into the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, which is located in Managua and is Nicaragua's largest airport.

This airport is the fifth busiest in Central America, and it receives more than 1.2 million passengers each year. However, connecting flights are also an option.

For example, you could take a flight from New York City to Puebla, Mexico, or Panama City, Panama, and then connect through to Managua. There are plenty of options available for travelers, which makes it easy to plan and schedule your trips to and from the United States.

Expansion of Infrastructure and Tourism

There are already an abundance of direct and connecting flights available between major cities in the United States and Nicaragua. However, there are bound to be more in the near future, as evidenced by the expansion of airlines like Delta, American Airlines and Spirit. 

Rising numbers of tourists mean the demand for flights will rise, and infrastructure is growing to keep up with that demand.

If you're coming to Nicaragua for a few days or you are moving there for good, you'll definitely appreciate just how easy it is to arrange flights between Managua and major cities throughout the United States.

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