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There are a variety of reasons to want to visit or even live in Nicaragua: amazing climate, an affordable cost of living, incredible historical landmarks, fantastic cuisine and breathtaking beaches, just to name a few.

However, one of the most important aspects of all is the incredible local culture and the welcoming, friendly locals that you’ll be surrounded by. In places like the Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort, many of your closest neighbors will be expatriates similar to you, leaving the stress of everyday life for the endless appeal of Nicaragua.

You will also have plenty of chances to get to know locals and experience the vibrant culture in this wonderful Central American country.

Get to Know the Welcoming Local Spirit

In some overseas destinations, there is a clear distinction between local residents and expats or visitors. This divide can prohibit travelers from ever getting to really know the local culture, and it can drastically take away from the experience of living in an international destination.In Nicaragua, that is definitely not a concern.

Wherever you happen to be from originally, you will be welcomed with open arms into the fantastic community spirit that Nicaragua has to offer. Local residents are inviting, warm and friendly, making the transition to living in a new place easier than ever before.

Dig Into Incredible Local Cuisine

One of the most flavorful elements of the local culture is the unparalleled local cuisine. Since the country is bordered by two major oceans, fresh seafood is a staple in the local diet. Plus, the warm climate means that the growing season is virtually year round, allowing local farmers to harvest fresh produce from January all the way through to December.

Although you can dine in restaurants and enjoy traditional Nicaraguan specialties, even better is being welcomed into the home of a local for a taste of warm oxtail stew, gallo pinto or fried plantains still hot and extra crispy.

To fully understand the role of food in Nicaragua, remember that the name for locals is pinoleros, a reference to the corn-based drink called pinol that many residents consume daily. 

Language Isn't a Barrier

Although Spanish is the official language of Nicaragua, English is also widely spoken in major cities as well as along the Caribbean coastline, which is where early colonization was most profound.

Creole English is also widely spoken, a blend of languages that both Spanish and English speakers can generally understand. More importantly, residents don't use language as a barrier. Open communication is key, and gestures or smiles are just as important as spoken words.

Attend Vibrant Community Festivals and Celebrations

One of the best things about living in Nicaragua is being able to attend all the amazing festivals and events held throughout the year. Residents fully celebrate on these special occasions, and parades, pageants, fireworks and live music are a given. 

From religious events to food festivals and local concerts, you will have countless opportunities to see the very best of the local culture in Nicaragua.

The friendly, welcoming locals of Nicaragua make it easy to embrace the culture and feel right at home in the incredible country.

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