Dental Care Mission in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Feb 28, 2018 7:00:00 AM
In January 2018, Gran Pacifica was once again visited by the humanitarian group, Hearts, Hands, and Smiles Foundation, an organization that brings clean water, dental care, and education to impoverished communities in Latin America.

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Founded by Rob Ayers in December 2016 after the wake of a devastating earthquake in Ecuador, the organization has had lasting impacts on communities by providing medical training so they can better treat patients, teaching the importance of dental hygiene and diet, initiate clean-up projects to remove health risks, provide communities with first-time access to clean water, and provide medical supplies, shoes, clothing, and school supplies - funded entirely by the help of individuals and volunteer organizations who share their vision.

January 12-20th, Club Esperanza in Managua, Auduana 2 Community, Villa el Carmen Health Clinic, Villa el Carmen Alcaldia Auditorium, and the Roberto Clemente III Clinic at Gran Pacifica served as a headquarters for the volunteers during their trip to perform 270 cleanings, 346 extractions, and 273 restorations, totaling 889 procedures and serving 624 patients. With the value of each extraction at approximately $200 and the value of cleaning at approx. $110, the value of all dental services combined was $153,500 USD worth in 6 days! On top of all the services provided by the Hearts, Hands, and Smiles Foundation donated $30,000 worth of dental supplies to continue to help the communities after their departure.


Some of Gran Pacifica’s community members were happy to volunteer their skills and time to the cause. Newly retired dentist, Dr. Tom Schroepfer and wife Connie, who have been part-time residents of Gran Pacifica for 8 years, volunteered their help. This was their first time participating in an organized community service mission, and they have plans to be involved in more. Tranquilo Tours and Travel’s Osman Magdiel, Martinez Picado, and Angela Smetana provided wonderful transportation, logistics, and tour support. The volunteers for this trip also included Rob Ayers, Tara Ayers, Cailin McLaughlin, Chris Hennessy, Courtney Moyer, Diane McLea, John Reckner, Joie Meyers, Karen Brown, Kerri Hennessy, Lara Weaver, Todd Weaver, Lisa Muscarella, Martine Chamberlain, Shelby Awde, Sherri Croftcheck, Becky Niklas, Holly Wilson, Elizabeth Shabetai, Helio Alfaro, Dr. Andrea Martinez, Jordan Ham, Mark Mardon.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of those involved in such a useful and needed cause! Our Gran Pacifica community is happy to find ways to serve the local people so please reach out to us if you have any ideas about how to be of service in Nicaragua!


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