Culture in Nicaragua Begins at Gran Pacifica Resort

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For people who want to take a quick dip into the culture of Nicaragua, the Gran Pacifica Beach Resort offers an ideal program to visitors. Called the Chill Weekend, tourists can book a four-day weekend at the premier North American resort in Nicaragua. This offers visitors a weekend in a tropical condo to drink in the sights and flavors of the Nicaraguan lifestyle.

Start the Weekend Right

The weekend begins on Friday with the experienced staff picking up visitors at the Managua airport. From here, they are driven to the resort where they will enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep with the cool tropical breeze drifting into open windows. Tropical will be the first element of culture that tourists will meet. That theme will be carried throughout the entire weekend tour.

The next bit of Nicaraguan culture will make itself known as the sun hits the white sand beach outside the door. It’s an old Nicaraguan custom that new visitors acquaint themselves with the warm and friendly beach on a morning walk.

When the noon bell rings, the guests are invited to the resort restaurant for a tropical Nicaraguan lunch. Golf at the 27 hole course or a swim in the ocean is a preferred custom in the afternoon.

Tour & Shopping

On Sunday, guests are transported to the old colonial city of Granada for a tour and shopping. The volcano lagoon is the featured setting for lunch. A tour of a real, live volcano is scheduled after that. The night is for guests to explore. Visitors should feel free to ask the knowledgeable staff anything about the culture in Nicaragua. Here are a number of cultural facts about Nicaragua.


The primary language of Nicaragua is Spanish although English is spoken in the eastern half. About 90 percent of the citizens speak Central American Spanish. The people here are considered mestizos, which means of mixed cultures. In Nicaragua, this means a mix of European and Amerindian. Mestizos is the majority group. Nicaraguans call themselves Nicas, Nicoyas and Pinoleres.

Religious Traditions are Strong

Religion is deeply embedded into the culture and even found its way into the country’s constitution. Roman Catholicism dominated the country for centuries but is giving way to evangelical Protestantism and Mormonism.


Nicaraguans love music and have a colorful folklore. Nicaraguan music combines elements of Spanish, European and indigenous elements. The music is lively and sensual and centers around a marimba musical instrument, accompanied by a bass fiddle or guitar.


Nicaraguan cuisine revolves around corn. Corn can be the main entree, a side dish, dessert and even a drink called pinolillo. People in the Pacific lowland also eat a cornucopia of fresh fruit. One popular dish includes Nactamales which is mashed corn and potatoes served with pork, tomato and garlic. Oxtail stew is a traditional dish served with tomato, garlic and hot sauce.

The Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort offers guests ample opportunities to explore the culture of Nicaragua while living on a beach in a North American community. Guests can enjoy swimming, hiking, surfing, horseback riding, dining and shopping while learning about Nicaraguan culture.

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