Natural Beauty, Compelling History and a Bright Future in Sight

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Nicaragua Capital CityManagua Nicaragua is a capital city that has experienced many ups and downs in its almost two centuries of history. Much of the neoclassical architecture reminds one of the city's early days of Spanish colonization.

There is however a compelling contrast as an earthquake suffered by the city in 1972 prompted several distinct generations of design and development. Furthermore, the political turmoil of the 1980s has given way to stability, attracting foreign investment and tourism to the country's nature and culture.

The city is positioned at on the southern shore of Lake Managua and is surrounded by natural beauty. Visitors can explore the lava flows of the San Fernando Volcano, now rich with plant life. They can swim in one of the fresh water volcanic lakes in the area. It is also possible to take a canopy tour of the surrounding jungle via zip line.

Dining Options

Foodies can rejoice at the wide variety of culinary options. Whether snacking on quesillo from a food cart, sitting down to a traditional-style home-cooked meal, or enjoying some of the fusion cuisine offered by Spanish expats, there is plenty to taste.

The national theater perpetually hosts art exhibitions, as well as classical music and dance performances. Traditional art and craft work are available at several of the open air markets in the city's bustling center.


For those that prefer the night life, clubs such as El Tercer Ojo are great places to grab a drink, see a live band or DJ, and do some dancing. Bars and restaurants adorn the bustling city center and offer a myriad of night time entertainment options.

The City is Home to Growing New Developments as Well

Resort communities such are becoming institutions. Residents have an array of amenities in addition to those of the city, including golfing, surfing, and an opportunity to relax on pristine beaches and take in some sun.

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