Joseph Duchene

As a fluent Spanish speaker and eternal student, Joe Duchene has always been fascinated by Latin America. After spending extensive time in Mexico, he is currently living and working in Nicaragua as Content Editor for ECI Development.

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Miss Mundo Nicaragua at Gran Pacifica - Tune In!


Posted on 11. Sep, 2015 by Joseph Duchene

Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2016, an exciting and much-watched event, kicked off its filming at Gran Pacifica with Miss Mundo Nicaragua: Boot Camp. Over the ... Continue Reading

Gran Pacifica Is Now Accepting Canadian Dollars at Par with U.S.!


Posted on 30. Jun, 2015 by Joseph Duchene

Nicaragua, one of the fastest growing tourism and retirement destinations in the Americas, has become a top destination for Canadian travellers.  Often ... Continue Reading

Huge Swell Coming to Nicaragua – Surf’s Up!


Posted on 08. May, 2015 by Joseph Duchene

All along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, surfers are preparing themselves. From Poneloya near León in the North, to Gran Pacifica’s Asuchillo beach, to the surf ... Continue Reading

Taking the Bus from Managua to San Juan del Sur


Posted on 06. May, 2015 by Joseph Duchene

San Juan del Sur is a must-visit vacation destination for anyone looking at Central America, and last weekend I decided to take a trip there with a couple of ... Continue Reading