Activities for Couples in Nicaragua

Posted by Cindy Shelly on Jan 14, 2021 9:20:05 AM

Activities for couples in Nicaragua (2)


In general, Central America is brimming with historical and natural wonders well worth exploring in pairs. Nicaragua offers numerous couples activities and the ones you experience depends on the scope of your research before the trip.

If you've chosen Nicaragua as your next vacation spot, just know that you're in for a host of treats. There are endless activities you can enjoy with your significant other, and the only risk is that you might not be able to decide where to start. Well, we have a solution for you: book a more extended trip and experience them all. We do warn you, Nicaragua may enchant you and leave you no other choice but to relocate there.

With the cost of living in Nicaragua so much lower than in Seattle, for example, its attractiveness to American citizens isn't surprising. By contrast, the average monthly salary is also drastically lower than in Seattle, so perhaps moving to this Central American republic mainly appeals to those on a fixed income. If you do choose to call it home, there are many Seattle-based experts that can take care of the move while you set out to explore its cultural and natural beauties as a couple.

Relax at Laguna Beach Club on Laguna de Apoyo

If there's one thing Nicaragua has in abundance, it is volcanoes, coupled with some of the most spectacular natural wonders. One of them is Laguna de Apoyo, a deep and clean crater lake. Take your time to lounge in Laguna Beach Club, dip in the black volcanic sand, or swim and kayak in the lake. Couples are bound to enjoy the peace, privacy, and tranquility of this romantic place, as well as the Beach Club's finger foods.

Look down into Masaya volcano to see the red lava

A night tour is the best way to get to the rim of this active volcano, and the hike is well worth the effort. If the wind blows the right way, you won't be bothered by the volcano gasses, although the heat coming from the crater is inevitable. The views are spectacular and a kind of memory that will boost your energy for months to come. At the bottom of Masaya, the floor is lava - literally.

Visit the “Las Rojas” coffee plantation

Situated near San Cristóbal volcano, also known as El Viejo, is an organic coffee farm Hacienda Las Rojas. As a part of your visit, you can enjoy the tour of the plantation, a cup of fresh coffee, hiking to the top of the active San Cristóbal volcano, and the breathtaking views it provides. However you look at it, this tour is hot.

Make your own chocolate in ChocoMuseo

If you have ever wanted to make your own chocolate bar, Granada's ChocoMuseo chocolate-making workshop is definitely a must-try Nicaraguan activity. Not only will you make your own chocolate, but you will learn about the long history and tradition of chocolate, and sample numerous products. This engaging class positively brims with “couple” vibes.

Hike through the jungle in Reserva Biológica Indio Maíz

Adventurous couples are highly encouraged to hire a private guide and tour the Indio Maíz Nature & Wildlife Area close to El Castillo. Expect to sleep in hammocks, catch fish for dinner, hike through the reserve, and spot Nicaraguan jungle wildlife. Get prepared to catch sight of sloths, poisonous frogs, howler and spider monkeys, white-faced capuchins, caimans and crocodiles, turtles, snakes and lizards, and numerous bird species. A night boat tour is an incredible experience, as well.

Roll cigars in Mombacho Cigar Factory and Lounge

Even if you're a non-smoker, you will have great fun together at the Mombacho Cigars in Granada. Take this most interesting tour to learn about the process of growing and processing tobacco leaves and manufacturing cigars. Even the house that is home to the museum is beautiful and worth the tour in its own right. You can smoke in the cigar lounge and taste the one you have made, or gift it to your partner.

Go on a date in Puerto Salvador Allende

This is one of the most beautiful and energetic areas in Managua. It's full of inviting restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops. It's also the place where you can enjoy dancing, music, and vibrant Nicaraguan nightlife. Savor the delicious food at the local eateries, get a taste of the rich culture, visit the water park for a splash or two, or have fun at go-carts with your significant other. Puerto Salvador Allende has got it all - with the magnificent Managua lake in the background.

Rent a quad (ATV) and explore Isla Ometepe

Isla Ometepe is a Nicaraguan gem, a volcanic island in a freshwater basin. Its name comes from the native 'náhuatl' language and means Two (Ome) Mountains (Tepetl). It's home to beaches, the butterfly reserve at Charco Verde, the San Ramon waterfall, Ojo de Agua natural spring pool, and (of course) two volcanoes you can climb. This little island paradise will charm you with its laid-back way of life, friendly locals and scenic views.

Take time to visit the Ceibo museum and its archeological artifacts. Allow yourself to be impressed by the dawn and the sunset at any location on the island; they are all wondrous. And if you're into extreme sensation types, you'll love the exciting adventure that awaits you at Chico Largo Adventure. Take their zip line tour, record the experience with a chase camera, and enjoy one of the most fun activities for couples in Nicaragua.

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