A First Hand Look At Traveling To Nicaragua During COVID

Posted by Joe Nagel on Dec 30, 2020 9:39:36 AM


A coastal town in NicaraguaThis past week I made my way to Nicaragua for the first time since the pandemic shut traveling down earlier this year. I wanted to share my travel story to give you an idea of what is required when traveling during a pandemic.

To enter Nicaragua, I was required to take a PCR Covid test (and have it be negative) 72 hours before my flight. Avianca requires you submit your negative Covid-19 test results 36 hours before your flight, to ensure the process moves quickly. Once completed, I had to submit another form with additional information and my travel itinerary on Avianca’s website. I would recommend screenshotting everything and saving it on your phone, along with printing everything out so you have hard copies. You can review the required Covid-19 and other travel requirements that must be submitted on Avianca’s website here

Surfing in the beautiful Nicaraguan sunset
World class surfing is available at Gran Pacifica 

On the day I traveled, I approached the check-in desk, as usual, and told them that I was flying to Nicaragua. They asked to see my Covid-19 test result to ensure I had a negative result before boarding my plane. Once checked in, I headed towards my gate where my covid status was checked again before boarding my flight, which I appreciated to ensure safety. While flying you are required by the airlines to wear a face mask at all times, except when eating or drinking. If they see you with it off or not wearing it properly, they will ask you to fix it. I felt safe throughout my journey from Dulles International Airport, then to El Salvador International Airport, and finally to Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport in Managua.

Once I arrived in Managua, airport personnel checked my temperature and asked to see my test result. After they conducted the safety checks, I was approved to enter the country and proceeded to the immigration line where I picked up my tourist visa for $10USD. Upon leaving the airport, I was not required to quarantine and was able to move around the country freely. 

Tip: make sure you have the exact change for a quick visa process. They do not take credit cards or break larger bills.

Historic colonial building in Nicaragua
When in Nicaragua, make sure to enjoy touring the colonial city's and appreciate their architecture.

My travel out of Nicaragua was much easier as I did not need to have a Covid-19 test to leave although, Avianca did require that I submit the same form that I submitted on the way down, on the way back up to 36 hours before my flight. Other than that requirement, the trip home was very straight forwarded. I made my way through security and boarded my flight and that concluded my travels to Nicaragua.


Joe Nagel

Written by Joe Nagel

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