Enjoying A Day At Gran Pacifica

Posted by Ken Hoyt on Jul 6, 2021 10:21:25 AM


Upon arrival at Gran Pacifica, you will be amazed at the quiet and peacefulness of your surroundings. There is no hurry, and you find yourself speaking in hushed tones, not wanting to disturb the atmosphere of calm.

Las Perlas Oceanfront Village Building Gran Pacifica

In the early morning, a stroll down to the open air SeaSalt Restaurante leads to a delicious breakfast prepared to perfection. Afterwards, take your coffee or tea and walk out to the attached patio, then sink into a chaise lounge overlooking the inviting infinity pool and expansive views of the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. Straight ahead, the ocean waves splash on shore, while off to your left, daring surfers take on one of the best surf breaks in Central America, Meat Grinders. To the right, a few people are fishing right off the rocks, and small open fishing boats cruise by as they head to their fishing grounds.

Volcano Views from Gran Pacifica

A few simple moments spent taking in the views reveals so much. Pelicans dive-bombing the sea for a meal...while off to the right, steam rises from the top of the Momotombo Volcano. Before you know it, you’ve spent your morning soaking in the sun, reveling in its healing powers while watching the world go by. It’s soon lunchtime, and your delicious burger and fries or fresh-caught fish dish is served right at your lounge area. These delightfully-prepared meals are accompanied by the signature Nicaraguan cocktail, the “Macua.”

Surfers Meat Grinders Gran Pacifica

If you decide to walk off your lunch for a moment, wander along the sandy seashore and catch the surfers up close as they perform their aerial acrobatics. Take a dip just a little further off in the warm swimming spot, or stroll back along the manicured streets of Gran Pacifica. Along the way, take in the beauty of the landscape - the colorful variety of bougainvillea, hibiscus and plumeria. Ripe mangoes hang from their branches, ready for the picking. 

Beautiful Bougainvilleas Gran Pacifica

Each neighborhood showcases distinct architectural styles, homes of the many people who have chosen Gran Pacifica as their community. Many opt to keep the residences as vacation homes, while some people are equally happy to live in their beautiful homes year-round. 

Sunset II Gran Pacifica

After your stroll getting to know the area, sink back into your cozy lounge by the pool, or take your time to jump in and cool off. Get some cocktails or sodas delivered to you as you laze away your afternoon peacefully. Soon, it is time for a spectacular sunset display. Watch as the sun gradually slides down the horizon, eventually sinking into the ocean. If you listen closely, you can imagine the sun hissing as it hits the sea…

Ken Hoyt

Written by Ken Hoyt

Ken first came to Nicaragua and Gran Pacifica in September 2016 on a holiday from Vancouver B.C. Canada. The next year, he drove 7000km on the Pan American highway, from Vancouver to Gran Pacifica, and moved in to stay.

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