7 Things to Do While Staying at Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort

Posted by Mike Cobb on Nov 18, 2015 1:49:05 PM


Located just outside of Managua and along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort is an amazing place to get away from everyday life and indulge in world-class views, an unbeatable climate and magnificent amenities. While some travelers are content to recline on the beach and sip cocktails in paradise, others are eager to take advantage of everything that Nicaragua and the property have to offer. Here are seven amazing things that you can do while staying at Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort in Nicaragua.

Take a Surfing Lesson

Nicaragua has earned a reputation for boasting some of the best surfing conditions on the planet. Gran Pacifica, on the Pacific Coast, is a great place to catch the waves and even rent a surfboard. If you're new to the sport, enroll in a private lesson that will have you standing up on the board in no time. 

Tee Off at the Onsite Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts are often drawn to Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort thanks in large part to the great courses located right on the property. Take a quick stroll from your accommodation, or hop onto one of the many golf carts, and enjoy teeing off at each of the 27 holes crafted to be challenging but fun.

Cool Down in the Swimming Pools

A hot climate and plenty of sunshine means that a quick dip in the pool is often the perfect way to cool down in Nicaragua. Gran Pacifica boasts multiple outdoor swimming pools perfect for a refreshing swim or several laps as part of your workout.

Play Volleyball With New Friends

If you want to stay active, soak up the sun and enjoy a little friendly competition, a great way to pass the time is to play volleyball with friends and fellow travelers. The sandy volleyball court is a forgiving surface and a fun way to take advantage of the great outdoors and beachfront scenery.

Dine With an Ocean View

Although accommodation at the Gran Pacifica includes the kitchen amenities you need to prepare meals, most visitors love to dine out while on vacation. The onsite restaurant choices let you indulge in incredible seafood and Central American specialties without walking more than a few steps from your room.

Arrange Tours to Top Nicaraguan Attractions

The guest services desk works 24/7 to help you find the tours and guided adventures you need to make the trip a success. You might want arrange transportation to see the colonial architecture in Granada, or get a serious rush by surfing down the sandy slopes of the Cerro Negro Volcano, or you might want to join a guided tour to Lake Nicaragua.

Walk on the 3.5 Mile Exclusive Beach

There is no doubt that the beach is a major selling point for anyone planning to visit Nicaragua. The Gran Pacifica boasts more than three full miles of coastline, ensuring that you can always find a secluded spot to relax away from any crowds.

Staying at Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort can certainly be relaxing, but it is far from boring. During your stay, you can enjoy miles of exclusive beach access, set off on adventure tours, dine in view of the ocean, play volleyball, go for a swim, tee off on the golf course or take a surfing lesson.

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Written by Mike Cobb

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