6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Retiring at Gran Pacifica

Posted by Jamie Cain on Jun 13, 2019 5:29:44 PM

If retirement is just around the corner for you, or still ways off, there are many things to consider when it comes to how you’ll spend those important and hopefully adventurous years. Moving abroad to a country like beautiful Nicaragua may be the ticket to a retirement life worth living.

Medical Care in Nicaragua

Let’s face it. Medical expenses in North America are for the most part very expensive, while costs are not improving much, if at all. Without adequate health insurance, a single trip to the hospital can set someone back tens of thousands of dollars, or more! But Nicaragua has some great news!

Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas - Photo Courtesy of PinterestHospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas - Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

From doctors and hospital visits to prescription meds, you can cut costs on everything by choosing to have your medical care in Nicaragua. This country has basically everything you’ll require and need, including English-speaking doctors, top-notch medical professionals (many who attended medical school and trained in the US), and completely adequate and extremely comfortable hospitals. Check out my own personal experience, “My Doctor’s Visit to Vivian Pellas Hospital in Managua, Nicaragua."

Cost of Living

Most retirees, as veryone else, want to keep their costs of living as low as possible. So, it's no wonder why Nicaragua is an excellent choice for retirement. In this country, the cost of living is so much cheaper than in North America. Besides healthcare, as mentioned above, groceries, real estate, and even luxuries like a full or part time housekeeper, a cook, or a driver are very affordable and attainable.

One of the Walmart Stores in Nicaragua - Photo Courtesy of Walmart TodayOne of the Walmart Stores in Nicaragua - Photo Courtesy of Walmart Today

Moreover, for those of you who dream of retiring and living in a beachfront home and community, you’ll find our Gran Pacifica Resort very attractive. And you won’t even have to lower your standards or cut back on things you love and have grown accustomed to!


Temperatures in ManaguaTemperatures in Managua - Photo Courtesy of ViaNica.com

As we become older, it seems the cold brutal winters get colder and more difficult to endure. If you’re ready to ditch the winter storms, snow shovels, heavy coats and scarves, and hunkering down indoors during the coldest days, come to Nicaragua. Trade those snow shovels for shovels in the sand.


Route between Managua and Gran PacificaRoute between Managua and Gran Pacifica

Just a 45-minute drive from the Capital City of Managua, Gran Pacifica Resort is in an ideal location. It’s nestled on 3.5 miles of spectacular coastline, allowing for stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and those glorious hot pink sunsets. Gran Pacifica is away from the hustle and bustle, yet close enough to get to the international airport timely, for a day of shopping and running errands, or a doctor’s visit.


Dreaming of a retirement community that consists of like-minded individuals and fellow travelers from around the world? Gran Pacifica may just be the place you’re looking for. Gran Pacifica is home to many expats who get to know each other, form bonds, and invite friends and family to their house for a visit.

A Fun Day at Gran PacificaA Fun Day at the Beach in Gran Pacifica

However, if retirement is a ways away, you may consider purchasing a property now, enjoy it as a vacation home for a while, and then take the plunge there full-time once you retire. There are even options for rental income if you’re interested in renting out your property while you aren’t there.


Photo Courtesy of Global AdrenalinePhoto Courtesy of Global Adrenaline

Nicaragua is one of the top destinations in Central America for travelers who want to experience tours of lush green jungles, hike around, surf volcanoes and fantastic waves, chill out with a book on the gorgeous, golden sand beaches, and tour the beautiful old cities of Granada and Leon. Retiring at Gran Pacifica means you’ll be able to plan a day of adventure anytime you feel like it.

Would you like a try before you buy? Plan a visit to Gran Pacifica and experience all these things and more by clicking here for more information


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Jamie Cain

Written by Jamie Cain

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