5 things to do on your next trip to Nicaragua

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While you’re at home during this crisis, you might find yourself day-dreaming about your eventual escape to some far away destination. Why not research interesting and exotic places you've never visited before? You've got the time so why not plan for the best vacation you'll need after some time at home? Once travel is safe and you're free to explore the globe, where in the world would you most like to visit?

With beautiful coastlines, breathtaking rainforests, active volcanoes, and rich cultural heritage, Nicaragua is always a special destination. Here are 5 exciting activities you can do in Nicaragua when the coronavirus outbreak has ended.


#1. Surf on the Pacific Coast

Surfer DudesGran Pacifica is the closest beachfront resort with several popular surf attractions nearest to Managua

If you have never surfed, Nicaragua is a fantastic place to learn. With resorts like Gran Pacifica, and towns like San Juan del Sur and Las Peñitas, there are plenty of great surfing beaches to choose from. Gran Pacifica benefits from year-round world-class waves due to its position on Nicaragua’s Pacific coastline and the steady winds from nearby Lake Nicaragua.

Asuchillo Beach at the Gran Pacifica Resort is perfect for beginners, with fun almond-shaped barrels. The nearby Playa San Diego beach features an amazing break for more experienced surfers provided by the shallow offshore reef. Compared to beaches in California, you’ll find fewer crowds and less expensive equipment and lessons.

Gran Pacifica Resort makes it simple for anyone who loves to surf, providing beach accommodations, a range of surf and boogie board rentals for both pros and beginners, lessons to help you hone your surfing skills, and many other exciting activities. All you’ll need to bring along is your swimsuit and some water shoes.


#2. Appreciate Nicaragua’s rich biological diversity

frog-in-costa-rica-PZEPTWPNicaragua's flora and fauna will astound you

Did you know that the second-largest rainforest in the Americas is found in Nicaragua? If you love nature, Nicaragua is one of the world’s best destinations. There are lots of spectacular hiking trails that can get you into the wilderness and close to the wildlife.

Gran Pacifica Resort features 2 scenic trails specially designed for birdwatchers. The Arbol Sagrado Trail leads you down to a beach where you should watch out for beautiful tropical bird species, such as trogons, cuckoos, parrots, and parakeets. There are also ceiba trees along this trail that are sacred to the indigenous people.

The Martin Pescador Trail borders the edge of the resort’s golf course and gets you close to hawks, falcons, barred ant shrikes, and blue grosbeaks. Part of the trail explores a river mouth where you’ll see kingfishers, ducks, and herons.

The best way to explore these trails is on a guided hike with a qualified nature guide who can point out all the beautiful features you might miss and who can identify and introduce you to all the wonderful plants and animals you encounter.

Adventurous hikers might decide to wander further along the beach or into the jungle. If you do, ensure you take bug spray and a screen tent to keep off the bugs when you stop to eat, rest, or sleep.

#3. Admire the beauty of Nicaragua’s old colonial cities

granada-cathedral-and-city-panorama-DZU9CMSThe beautiful city of Granada in Nicaragua 

The historic city of Granada in western Nicaragua was founded in 1524, making it the oldest colonial city in the Americas. Because of its age and historical importance, Granada contains some of the most beautiful and well-preserved colonial mansions in South America. These are painted in bright colors, from cobalt blue to vibrant yellow. The Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral in Granada is one of the most breathtaking neoclassical structures you’ll ever see, though its current structure is relatively modern.

Be sure to also check out the town of León which is 85 miles north of Granada. This beautiful city served as the capital of Nicaragua until 1857. Today, it hosts the Museum of the Revolution, where there are exhibitions about the Sandinista movement and its part in founding modern Nicaragua. Founded in 1812, the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (NAUN) is the oldest and largest university in Nicaragua. Although its main campus is now found in Managua, the capital city, its oldest campus and buildings are here in León.

#4. Visit an active volcano

volcano-in-nicaragua-PAX27ZPMomotombo Volcano near the Lago de Managua 

Nicaragua boasts many interesting active volcanoes. Arguably, the most interesting is Momotombo near León. Momotombo is an iconic stratovolcano and the location of one of Nicaragua’s amazing geothermal power stations. Nicaragua aims to produce 90% of its electricity through renewable energy production by the end of 2020. When you visit Momotombo, you’ll find the Momotombo Geothermal Plant on the southern flank of the volcano.

Cerro Negro is another popular volcano. The steep slopes of this volcano attract people enthusiastic to try volcano boarding. The hike to the summit takes an hour, but you’ll fly down the side atop a board much quicker. If you survive the experience, you can even buy a T-shirt to prove it.


#5. Kayak in the Pacific, a lake, or a volcano

bow-of-a-kayak-and-a-paddle-T9VWLZAKayaking the San Juan River in Nicaragua

If you enjoy paddling, Nicaragua is a fantastic destination. Coastal resorts such as Gran Pacifica are great places to try out sea kayaking, Lake Nicaragua can be explored on kayaking tours, and you can even kayak inside a volcanic caldera.

You can find the active volcanic caldera of Laguna de Apoyo between Granada and Managua. Hot volcanic springs maintain year-round warm temperatures in this 574-deep lake. Keen kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders love to paddle across this unique pool.

Nature lovers might prefer to kayak through the mangroves of Isla Juan Venado, a nature reserve near Las Peñitas where you’ll find tropical birds and other exotic wildlife. If you’re lucky, you might even witness turtles laying their eggs.


Conclusion: Plan your next trip to Nicaragua as soon as you are able and it is safe.

Click the link below to view a video of Gran Pacifica Resort and fall in love with Nicaragua: 


If you’re the type of person who plans their trips and vacations to a tee, then these are expeditions and experiences that you be sure to add to your itinerary; a trip to Nicaragua wouldn’t be complete without them. While you’re stuck at home, imagine yourself going to places like these and imagine yourself soaking in the outdoor air. But then make those dreams a reality in your near future.

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