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Posted by Adam McGeehan on Apr 20, 2016 10:42:11 AM

For those surfers interested in finding some new waves, it can be a challenge finding good information on a new spot. The tried and true surf spots, such as Southern California, are great, but for those looking for somewhere new, it can be a challenge.

Well, one spot you may or may not have been aware of for world class surfing is Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a surprisingly good place to find some great surf opportunities. If you are looking for a new surf spot, and are considering Nicaragua, the Gran Pacifica blog is a great place to start your research. The Gran Pacifica blog is full of articles about surfing in Nicaragua, allowing you to plan all of the beaches and breaks you want to visit during your time traveling the coast of Nicaragua. Below are 5 great articles to help you get started.


Why You Should Come to Nicaragua to Surf
The obvious place to start, this article is a guide to the many amazing features of Nicaragua that make it a world class surfing destination. Beyond the many beaches offering exquisite surf breaks, there are plenty of activities for surfers to engage in on land as well, such as hiking up some of Nicaragua’s multitude of volcanos.

The Six Best Spots for Surfing in Nicaragua
Now that you’ve read a bit about the amazing qualities of Nicaragua that make it such a desirous place to go surfing, you’ll want to explore the best spots in Nicaragua to get your surfing done. Use this guide to map out all the spots you want to hit when surfing in Nicaragua.

The Ultimate Guide to Surf Rentals in Nicaragua
It’s not always possible to bring a surf board with you when travelling. Therefore, we’ve created a guide to help you find the best spots in Nicaragua to rent surf boards and gear.

Surfing in Nicaragua Can Include Big Waves
All surfers are looking to find those big waves to ride. Well, luckily for you, Nicaragua is home to many big waves. Lake Cocibolca provides for consistent surf conditions all year round in Nicaragua, with many large swells for thrill seekers. 

World Surfing Games Coming to Nicaragua
Finally, as a testament to the world class surfing that exists in Nicaragua, we have an article detailing the reasons why the World Surfing Games chose Popoyo, Nicaragua as the host of their 2015 games.


Surfers are always looking for new places to experience world class surfing. Nicaragua is an excellent place to find just that, and the Gran Pacifica blog is useful resource for planning a surfing trip to Nicaragua. The articles listed above are only some of the many useful surfing resources available on the Gran Pacifica blog. If you’re planning on taking a surfing trip to the world class surfing destination of Nicaragua, make sure to reference the Gran Pacifica blog for useful information.

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