5 Amazing Beaches for Surfing in Nicaragua

Posted by Jamie Cain on May 17, 2019 4:00:05 PM

Each year, Nicaragua is becoming increasingly more popular for its beautiful beaches and amazing waves. Many folks travel to the gorgeous country to relax on the beach to rest and unwind. But adventure tourism is Nicaragua’s middle name! It’s no secret anymore that Nicaragua has some of the best surfing beaches in the world.  It is literally a surfer’s paradise. Here are six of Nicaragua’s fantastic surfing beaches:

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Playa Hermosa

When travelers journey to San Juan del Sur, they pretty much always make it a point to visit this beautiful beach. Only 30 miles from San Juan, Playa Hermosa is approximately one mile long and is a local hotspot. While the atmosphere is peaceful, the wave quality here is above average and enjoyable for all skill levels. There is a small cost to get in, about $3 US per person, but the waves are totally worth it.

Playa Colorado

The surf breaks and barrels at Playa Colorado are beyond comparison. Offshore winds work the tides perfectly, and the nearby river is responsible for the surf-enhancing sandbanks. Plus, the area is great for getting a drink and chatting with the other surfing aficionados. Since Playa Colorado is a private beach, you will need to either book a room at one of the local resorts or access the waters by boat. Playa Colorado is about one hour north of San Juan Del Sur.

The Boom

The Boom is known to be one of the most famous breaks in the area, as well as having some of the best waves in Nicaragua. There’s only one way to describe such a supreme Nicaraguan surfing experience, and the name “The Boom” pretty much sums it up. Situated just north of the estuary in Aserradores, in Chinandega Department, The Boom beach is known for providing “heavy barrels, vertical drop ins, and thrilling ledges”, which are better suited for experienced surfers. Also, it’s in an isolated area and very quiet so you’ll spend some time in a hammock. 


Many surfers agree that surfing in Nicaragua doesn't get much better than Popoyo Beach. Located near the sleepy town of Las Salinas, this vintage spot is made up of both an inner and outer reef, and each one offers a different kind of experience. The inner reef is a local favorite, which means you may have to wait your turn to ride the waves. The outer reef is more of a professional surfer’s paradise, and only the most experienced surfers should give Popoyo’s tough barrels, huge breaks, and shallow reef a spin.

San Diego Beach

Last but not least, San Diego Beach is a favorite among both locals and tourists alike. Surfers love this beach because of Lake Cocibolca's offshore winds, which have the great effect of making consistent and steady swells, and of course, its pristine and primitive atmosphere. Plus, when you head to this Gran Pacifica gem, you’ll have access to amenities like personal surf lessons, boat rentals, and beach chairs. The waves aren’t as wild and furious as The Boom, but surfers seem to love it. And the exquisite waves speak for themselves.

Would you like to plan your next surf-cation at Gran Pacifica?

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Jamie Cain

Written by Jamie Cain

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